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From hosting a virtual language conference to uploading photos (like this sunbathing cat!) for Wiki Loves Earth, the Wikimedia volunteer community around the world does incredible things every day. Starting today, it’s easier to hear about them: we’re excited to announce the launch of a new blog for the Wikimedia community to connect and share learnings, stories, and ideas from across the movement. It’s called Diff.

What is Diff?

Diff is a blog by and for Wikimedians, intended to provide a hub for learning. Diff exists as a resource for people to share ideas, projects, and questions across languages and borders. Think of this as a place to find inspiration and collaborators!

The name “Diff” is in reference to the wiki interface that displays the difference between one version and another of a wiki page. It also reflects the “difference” our communities and movement make in the world every day.

Who should join?

Anyone and everyone who’s passionate about the movement for free knowledge. The strength of our movement comes from diverse communities around the world collaborating to advance free knowledge for all. Whether you’re a newcomer or a decade-long daily editor, take photos for Commons or make technical contributions, log onto Wikimedia from your mobile phone in Montreal or your laptop in Lagos, we want you to join.

We’re building Diff together

Anyone is invited to contribute posts! Start by creating your account on Diff. If you’re interested in drafting an article, please take a look at our editorial guidelines to get a sense of if your topic is a good fit for the blog. The scope of the Diff blog is news about the Wikimedia movement, for the Wikimedia movement. Check out our first two posts, on Wiki Her Story and Juneteenth.

After you have set up your account, you can create a new article and submit it for review. Diff is multilingual. Posts can be written in any language and translated to and from any language. If you have a question feel free to leave a note on the project talk page on Meta. Bugs reports and feature requests can be made on Phabricator. Please add the #diff-blog tag when creating new tasks.

We are all responsible for making Diff a friendly and safe community blog for everyone. We have guidelines for Diff and moderation upholds the code of conduct; please take a close look at it and be considerate of your fellow community members. 

2020 has ushered in a large number of changes to how we live, work, and volunteer. Amidst our new normal of social distancing and canceled in-person events, it remains important to gather, build community, and strengthen our bonds to each other — no matter the medium. We’re thrilled to see what the collective imagination, ingenuity, and expertise of the Wikimedia volunteer community will create on Diff! Tell your communities about Diff, set up your account, and if you’re ready, start sharing your stories with the movement!

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wonderful 🙂

Space without a forum

It does seem a little familiar doesn’t it @Ad Huikeshoven? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

Launch day note: We’re having some issues with signing in with Wikimedia accounts. Temporarily you can request an account and we’ll create one manually.

How to login once your account has been created? All pages have a Log in link at the footer. Enter your username and password.

If you had an account at blog.wikimedia.org, then it has been imported to Diff. You may need to reset your password.

Our apologies for this inconvenience! We had Wikimedia Login working during our test phase but at the very last minute we found a problem serious enough to remove it until it is resolved.