Universal Code of Conduct thoughts with Wikipedian and Community organizer Bobbyshabangu

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As part of the ongoing work in developing a Universal Code of Conduct for the Wikimedia movement, I sat down with volunteers from across the movement to learn more about their hopes and thoughts regarding the Universal Code of Conduct. This is the first in a limited series of interviews that will be published here on Diff.

In this interview I spoke to Bobby Shabangu, an active editor from South Africa. For the last seven years Bobby has been editing Wikipedia – his home wiki is Swazi Wikipedia – on various topics. He mostly edits about historical subjects or events, current affairs, and other African subjects. According to Bobby, writing about the history of the buildings in Johannesburg was one of the most interesting projects he has been engaged in thus far.

Bobby contributes to Wikipedia, because in his opinion, if he did not contribute about notable subjects from the part of the world he comes from, no one will contribute for him. So it’s important to him to add his contributions for the world to know. 

In the video below I spoke to Bobby about how he became aware of the Universal Code of Conduct, the impact he believes it will have on his home wiki, and what changes he expects the Code of Conduct to have on editors.

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