Wikinobel 2020: digital editathon

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October 9 at 11 CEST (UTC +2), this year’s recipient(s) of the Nobel Peace Prize award will be announced. 

In previous years, Wikimedia Norge and volunteers have had the pleasure of holding an editathon at the Nobel Peace Center.  During the editathon we have worked on updates about  the recipient(s) and other topics related to peace work. 

This year, the event will be digital! Join the digital editathon, that will be going on from 10-14 CEST (UTC+2).

You can join us any time in the Telegram group wikinobel: and on Google Meet from 10-14 CEST October 9: The editathon follows Wikimedia Norges’s Safe Space Policy.


Wondering how you can contribute? You can check out this list (at the bottom of this blog post) made by The Nobel Peace Center of Women nominated for the peace prize, but didn’t get it. You can check if their biography exists in your language version of Wikipedia, and if it needs improvementThe list is based on the archive at The Nobel Institute up until 1960. 

Women nominated for the peace prize, but didn’t get it:

  • Priscilla Hannah Peckover; Lucia Ames Mead; Belva Ann Lockwood, Henriette Verdier Winteler de Weindeck; Madame Angela de Oliveira Cezar de Costa; Anna Eckstein; Rosika Schwimmer; Mary Shapard; Madame Severine; Eglantyne Jebb, Elsa Bränström, Lady Aberdeen, Annie Besant; Prinsesse Marguerite-Antoinette h. Djabadary: Janet Miller; Julie Bikle; Moina Belle Michael; Irma Schweitzer; Henriette Szold; Princesse Henriette av Belgia; Carrie Chapman Catt; Alexandra Kollontaj; Eleanor Roosevelt; Gertrude Baer; Katharine Bruce Glasier; Maria Montessori; Eva Peron; Princesse Wilhelmina; Elisabeth Rotten; Barbara Waylen; Margaret Sanger; Helen Keller; Lady Baden-Powell
Wikinobel 2019. Photo: Sabine Rønsen (WMNO) / CC BY-SA (

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