Notes from the first WikiCred Demo Hour

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The Vaccine Safety Project by Wikimedian and WikiCred Grantee Netha Hussain

In September 2020, WikiCred hosted its first Demo Hour, with six projects selected from the first and second rounds of funding. The third round will be announced soon!

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What is WikiCred?

WikiCred was announced at WikiConference North America 2019, in Boston, Massachusetts. The theme of that WikiConference was “WikiCredCon,” an exploration of information reliability and credibility.

WikiCred supports research, software projects, and Wikimedia events that explore information reliability and credibility. We’re asking ourselves and the Wikimedian community and prospective applicants: “What role can the Wikimedia community play in strengthening credibility and reliability in the information ecosystem?”

Fourteen credibility projects were selected

Since its official launch in March 2020, WikiCred has selected 14 projects for funding. The projects explore several themes of credibility, from developing a GUI standard structure for new Wikipedia articles in Catalan and Arabic, to exploring the UX of credibility on Wikipedia, to adding relevant photos to Wikipedia pages through the Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos contest.

WikiWhatsThis is a browser extension that allows internet readers to browse seamlessly from articles to relevant Wikipedia pages that explore specific topics. The Vaccine Safety WikiProject aims to document the existing knowledge on vaccine safety on Wikipedia, as well as find and reduce the knowledge gaps there.. News on Wikipedia NOW helps Internet users gain insight into the media they encounter by appending information to the websites they already visit. The focus for this phase is on Washington State, Black-owned, and Caribbean newspapers.

WikiCred a partnership between MisinfoCon, The Credibility Coalition, and the Wikimedian communities that started with WikiConference North America 2019. Funding is generously provided by Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Facebook, and Microsoft.

WikiCred Demo Hour

The WikiCred Demo Hour was our first public event. We invited six grantees to demonstrate their projects in front of a general audience from the Wikimedia community and the broader professional communities involved in credibility and knowledge reliability on the internet. All of the participating projects can be seen on our agenda.

Netha Hussain (Strengthening Information on Vaccine Safety)

Houcemeddine Turki (RefB: A bot to add reference support to Wikidata statements)

Presentation Slides

Newslinger (Sourceror: The Wikipedia commuity platform against disinformation)

Pete Forsyth and Sherry Antoine (News on Wikipedia — Phase Two)

Presentation Slides

Michael Morisy (Source Scour)

Gabriel Altay, Stephen Corwin, Jena Van, Jennifer Radel (WikiWhatsThis: Adding Context to Online Stories by Suggesting Related Wikipedia Articles)

If you have a question about the WikiCred initiative or any of these projects, please send us your questions to If you’d like to stay up to date with these and other projects please subscribe to the bi-weekly newsletter.

This article was originally published on WikiCred is a grant initiative funded by Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Facebook and Microsoft that supports research, software projects and Wikimedia events that explore information reliability and credibility in the Wikimedia space.”

WikiCred just announced its second Demo Hour. Join us on December 1st at 12 EST and invite your Wikimedian friends. Sign up on this Google Form to receive the event Zoom link.

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