The Next Step – Global Conversations Bring Movement Strategy to Life

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We explored new virtual possibilities last weekend! More than 250 Wikimedians from around the world came together on November 21 and 22 to discuss the future of our movement, and everyone’s excited for what’s next.

A virtual group photo from Saturday Nov. 21 (media category on Commons)

What are the Global Conversations?

The Global Conversations were designed as a virtual way to identify priorities for 2021 to start implementing the Movement Strategy recommendations. The design outline was created by the Transition Design Group and put into action by the Support Team.

Each day’s event lasted four hours with an additional hour for socializing and mingling in virtual corridors, and it was still difficult to end the calls. Connecting with new and old friends from across the movement was a highlight for many participants in addition to the great work accomplished.

A seat at the table – Recommendation 4, Equity in Decision-Making

Live interpretation was provided in seven languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Russian, and Spanish) and interpreters also supported participants in breakout rooms.  Together, participants from every region of the movement and more than 100 affiliates and communities discussed which changes and actions from the recommendations are important to be globally coordinated in 2021?

The  recommendations and full list of initiatives can be accessed in a variety of formats and languages

Participation from around the world

In the lead up to the Nov. 21 & 22 discussions, Wikimedia communities were asked to look at their existing work, to see how they would like to grow and expand next year, and to identify what initiatives can help them get there. Community members were asked to select 1, 2, or 3 recommendations — as well as their initiatives — that they felt were important for addressing their needs. “Initiatives” are changes and actions proposed by the recommendations. Close to 50 affiliates and communities shared their individual priorities with us. Take a look at the map and table of priorities.

Results of the discussions

Innovate in Free Knowledge – recommendation 9

The first set of Global Conversations was about creating shared priorities for work in 2021. This was done by connecting community members — as well as staff — from different groups and affiliates in small breakout discussions. The goal was to cross-pollinate ideas and learn.

Priorities were individually identified in a survey during the virtual events and the live demonstration of results helped to demonstrate global alignment. 

Please see the report of the Global Conversations for full detail. Initiatives identified for global coordination and implementation are:

  • Improving user experience
  • Skills and leadership development
  • Resources for newcomers
  • Funding for underrepresented communities
  • Hubs —  regional and thematic
  • Governance — the Global Council and the Movement Charter
  • Increasing awareness about the Wikimedia movement
Group photo from Sunday Nov. 22 (link to Commons category)

What happens next?

The next set of Global Conversations will take the discussions forward by focusing on the top identified initiatives and asking, what are the next steps to be taken for implementation? Whereas the first set of events focused on the WHAT of implementation, the next set will focus on HOW. Please join the conversation and register to attend by December 4. Everyone’s welcome. 

How an initiative is implemented will be different from one context to another. Similarly, coordination will vary depending on the initiative and context. In some cases, the Wikimedia Foundation will be required to be an active coordinator. In others, it may be involved in a supporting role for communities and affiliates, or not at all. Overall, the thinking around implementation is to experiment and to collaborate with other groups and communities.

The focus on December 5 and 6 will be on the top identified priorities (see list above). Community members and staff will join small breakout discussions of their choice. There will be opportunities for mixing and mingling.  The 4th and last hour will be dedicated to short 3-5 minute lightning talks. This is a great time for communities, affiliates, and staff to present project ideas relating to Movement Strategy. 

The Support Team would love to hear from you — whether it is feedback from the first set of events or a question or comment about the next. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Telegram, Wikimedia Chat or by email at strategy2030{{at}}

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