Movement Strategy and Much More at Wikimeet India 2021

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Movement Strategy is once again visiting with Wikimedians from South Asia — this time at the upcoming Wikimedia Wikimeet India, February 19 – 21. Building on a previous regional discussion from October 2020 and a few global conversations since – as we begin implementing movement strategy to put it in the service of our mission – it’s crucial that communities and Wikimedians in South Asia remain vibrant participants and contributors.

Movement Strategy at Wikimeet India 2021: 

  • Saturday Feb. 20, 13:20-14:20 UTC – How Can Movement Strategy Serve Communities in South Asia
  • Saturday Feb. 20, 14:30-15:30 UTC – Distributed Leadership and Global Decision-Making – the Interim Global Council.

This is the first such Wikimeet for India and South Asia — and it’s completely online. The three days are full with interactive workshops, interesting presentations, and engaging talks along six designated tracks: growth, partnerships, technical, community, language, and strategy, as well as a seventh miscellaneous track. Take a look at the program.

Growth is a common theme crosscutting the event – whether for nurturing partnerships, expanding project communities, or welcoming newcomers – with session topics including languages, mobile editing, tools and gadgets, digitization, licensing, and copyrights, to mention some.

Svenja Kirsch, Anna Lena Schiller,, CC BY-SA 4.0

The movement strategy team has planned two sessions to focus on the needs and expertise of Wikimedians and communities in South Asia. In the first session (How Can Movement Strategy Serve Communities in South Asia?), an international panel of Wikimedians –  from Indonesia to Argentina – will share unique experiences of how they have adapted movement strategy to fit local needs and priorities in 2021 — and beyond.

South Asia is a priority region in terms of shifting global demographics, technology development, and the potential for content and contributions. Yet in the Wikimedia movement, we still have much room to grow in the diverse region. As we put movement strategy into action, communities in South Asia will play a significant role in what is implemented … and how. This session will be a conversation starter for how movement strategy can manifest in different ways and for various communities across the Wikimedia movement. 

The second movement strategy session will present an update on the ongoing discussions around the Interim Global Council — and its potential to usher in a new era of movement-wide decision-making and distributed leadership. There are a few remaining questions when it comes to the structure, representation, and selection process of the Interim Global Council, and the organizing team looks forward to benefiting from the guidance and expertise of South Asian Wikimedians as the way forward is shaped.

CIS-A2K Training the Trainers 2020, Photo by Ananth (CIS-A2K), CC BY-SA 4.0

An update from the Wikimedia Foundation’s Community Resources team on grants in 2021 and another on environmental sustainability comprise the strategy track of Wikimeet India 2021. 

All the best to the organizing team. We can’t wait for the event to begin and to take part in the 3 days – to connect with Wikimedians from around the world, to say hi to friends old and new, and as always, to learn a great deal from one another.

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