“Parenthood is difficult, with Txikipedia is a little bit easier”

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It has been three years since Basque wikimedians launched Txikipedia, the children version of our most famous Encyclopedia. Txikipedia, small and free, has grown to nearly 3.000 articles and lots of education projects are being made at schools to enhance, create and learn Txikipedia.

Last year we launched an App for Android and iOS to help children finding the content they want. Today, we have launched a national advertisement campaign to promote both Txikipedia and the App. A long video, jingles at radio and a small ad at television will be broadcasted in the forthcoming days.

Banners at media, Txikipedia based questions inside children TV shows, and a powerful social media campaign will booster our app and project. We have partnered with Hiru Damatxo idea factory to create an idea calling parents to install the app in their children’s mobiles/tablets, so they can safely find information designed for their age. Because parenthood is difficult, but with Txikipedia is a little bit easier.

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