Join “CEE Spring” on Wikipedia to help discover Ukraine to the world

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By the end of May, everyone can join the Wikimedia CEE Spring 2021 contest on Wikipedia. The contest is devoted to improving Wikipedia content about Central and Eastern Europe across multiple languages, and NGO “Wikimedia Ukraine” invites everyone to help write and improve articles about Ukraine. Most active contributors to articles about Ukraine can receive souvenirs from Wikimedia Ukraine. 

The Central & Eastern European community of Wikimedians has organized the “CEE Spring” contest every year since 2015. This year, the competition runs from March 21st until May 31st and is held in over 30 Wikipedia editions.

The contest is divided into 10 thematic weeks devoted to specific CEE countries or communities. Week 8, which spans on May 10th-May 16th, is devoted to Ukraine, North Macedonia, Austria and Don Region. We invite everyone to join and help tell the world about Ukraine in languages of Central and Eastern Europe.

It’s also possible to write about Ukraine outside of this specific week. In most participating Wikipedia editions the contest runs until the end of May, though specific rules might vary for specific Wikipedias; please check them in advance. You can write about Ukraine in other CEE languages (for example, in German, Croatian or Polish), not in Ukrainian. 

The list of articles about Ukraine suggested for creation or improvement can be found on this page. There are separate lists devoted to popular and important topics that are popular on Ukrainian Wikipedia but absent or too short in other Wikipedia editions in CEE languages. 

For example, only two CEE language editions have articles on Marusia Churai, semi-mythical Ukrainian Baroque composer of the 17th century. A biography of Vasyl Stus, a prominent poet and political prisoner, is available in 21 languages but absent in Hungarian, Slovak, Turkish, and Latvian. 

Over the past weeks, CEE Spring 2021 participants have created a lot of important articles about Ukraine in different languages. Now, you can read a Greek-language article about computer scientist Iryna Hurevych or a detailed Bulgarian-language account of Ukrainian diaspora.

To help create more free knowledge about Ukraine, join Wikimedia CEE Spring 2021 until the end of May. Most active contributors to articles about Ukraine will receive virtual awards and physical souvenirs from Wikimedia Ukraine. Articles have to conform to local contests’ rules. In some language editions, it’s also possible to win local prizes; their availability and rules for receiving depend on specific language editions. 

In Ukrainian Wikipedia, the contest was held throughout April under the name “European Spring.” Its participants created and improved over 1600 articles about 40 countries and regions of Central and Eastern Europe. Best represented topics include Poland, Russia, Czechia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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