Atayal Wikipedia and Seediq Wikipedia are officially online!

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Lituk Teymu (the convener of the Seediq Wikipedia project) shared her experience on how she pushed the Wiki project forward in the tribe.

We are so happy to announce that two Wikipedia projects of Taiwanese indigenous languages, the Atayal Wikipedia and Seediq Wikipedia, are officially online!

In 2015, the Taiwan Ministry of Education launched the Indigenous Language Wikipedias project. Sakizaya Wikipedia was the first indigenous language Wikipedia project to release in 2019. On April 15, 2021, Hitay-Payan and Lituk Teymu, who are the conveners of another two languages Wikipedia projects, were happy to announce that Atayal Wikipedia and Seediq Wikipedia were online.

Since November 22, 2019, the release day of Sakizaya Wikipedia, there have been 1,840 articles added. Wikimedia Taiwan and the Center for Aboriginal Studies of NCCU joined the Sakizaya Wikipedia workshop hosted by Sakizaya Language Organization at Hualien City on March 11-12, 2021. During the workshop, we taught Sakizaya people how to migrate Chinese modules into Sakizaya Wikipedia, and they translated all of them into Sakizaya. There are 50 pictures from Wikimedia Commons that were enhanced by Sakizaya and over 100 Wikidata items and properties were translated into Sakizaya. Moreover, the Sakizaya hashtag “szy” for other Wikipedia sister projects was ready as well.

Atayal Wikipedia and Seediq Wikipedia were released on March 16, 2021. Now including Sakizaya Wikipedia, these are 3 Taiwanese indigenous languages which were first included in Wikipedia, and there are in total 16 indigenous languages recognized as aboriginals by the Council of Indigenous People, Taiwan. The new Wikimedia language hashtag for Atayal (tay) and Seediq (trv) not only expanded the usability within Wikipedia but also between other Wiki projects, such as Wikimedia Common and Wikidata.

We are happy to preserve, promote and reuse Taiwan’s indigenous languages through the release of these Wikimedia projects. This is a milestone for all of us. We hope to assist all Indigenous to continue finding ways to preserve their legacy and bring their languages and culture to the world.

For more information, check our meta-wiki page:

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