This Is the Winner of WikiGap Challenge 2021

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After calculating and validating the results, the organizers can now announce the winners of the 2021 WikiGap Challenge. Close to a hundred participants created or improved almost 3,000 articles, in 27 different languages. Portuguese user Tuga1143 managed to score the most points, and a jury chose contributions by Kushared and Armineaghayan as winners in the new, qualitative part of the challenge. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all the participants, for one step in the right direction towards a closed gender gap!

Between 8 March and 8 April, the WikiGap Challenge was held. The WikiGap Challenge is an online challenge, focusing on bridging the gender gap on Wikipedia. It is an online component to the global WikiGap Movement.

This year, the Challenge was divided into two parts. The first part, similar to previous years’, focused on scoring the most points. Points were given for creating and improving articles, and extra points were awarded if the articles were among those proposed by the UN Human Rights. Points were only awarded if the contributions fulfilled a few basic criteria for quality.

The other part focused on the best article – which contribution made the most qualitative change. A jury of experienced Wikipedia writers from various language backgrounds judged the nominated articles according to certain criteria, and agreed on their choices. 

After a month of calculating and validating the results, they are now finally published! As organizers, we would like to congratulate Tuga1143, who received the most points in the challenge, and Kushared and Armineaghayan, who the jury found to have made the most qualitative contributions. Tuga1143 created or improved an astonishing 429 articles on Portuguese Wikipedia. Kushared made a substantive improvement of the Frida Kahlo article on Sorani Wikipedia, to the extent that it was eventually flagged as featured, and Armineaghayan focused on the actress Vera Kholodnaya in Armenian. Our congratulations and praise to the winners! 

In total, 97 people signed up for the challenge, and 81 ended up making actual edits. An impressive 2,940 articles were created or improved – in 27 languages! The WikiGap Community constantly surprises us with its amazing work. 

UN Human Rights proposed 29 women human rights defenders, yielding bonus points in the challenge. 337 articles were written about these women, in 30 different languages! We also got help from the UNFPA, who provided resources on some 50 women SRHR activists, and volunteers in the end made sure all of these women, who were seen as relevant for a Wikipedia article, now exist in at least one language version! 

Kushared, the editor behind the improvement of Frida Kahlo in Kurdish Sorani, writes:

“I translated an article about Frida Kahlo which we had few resources in Kurdish Sorani about before, but due to WikiGap Challenge now we have a featured article on her life. Through getting to know Frida in detail, I got influenced by her as she bravely expressed her feelings and pain through her art. I believe by promoting and publishing her life, it will inspire many women around the world to show their struggles and difficulties.”

Armineaghayan adds: “I want all prominent women, no matter their profession and nationality, to have a wiki article in as many languages as possible.”

Wikimedia Sverige and partners want to thank all participants, and invite all of you to next year’s edition of the WikiGap Challenge!

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