Post Wikimania 2021: Watching later

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We’re excited to bring so much rich information to you during Wikimania. The program is shaping up to be one of the most diverse – and full – Wikimania yet. This year we have six tracks across four days! As much as we’d love for everyone to show up to every session, the theory of relativity makes that quite difficult. So, the next best thing is making sure all the sessions are available online after the event. In case you missed a session or need a refresher. Here’s how that will work. 

Where will sessions be archived?

All sessions will be archived and will be made available on Wikimedia Commons! We are planning to have all our sessions archived and ready for everyone to watch back by mid-September. For this, we do need support from our community to make this possible and cannot do it without you!

If you would like to assist with the archiving of Wikimania sessions on Commons, we are looking for volunteers. Please submit your interest on the Wikimania wiki.

Will audio translations be available after sessions are over?

As part of our processes in making content available for consumption after the live days of the event, we will be archiving all the video recordings of sessions on Wikimedia Commons in the weeks following Wikimania’s last day. We will also include the audio recordings of translations for the sessions. 

Will captions be available post-event?

Yes! We are currently still figuring out the best way to save the captions generated by Youtube and how to transfer them onto Commons with the matching session videos.

If you would like to assist with the transferring of session captions from YouTube to Commons, we are looking for volunteers. Please submit your interest on the Wikimania wiki.  

If I missed a session, would I be able to watch it later?

Of course! We have designed the event in such a way that folks are able to watch sessions even if they were not able to attend during the live scheduled dates. The recordings of these sessions will be made available on the relevant Youtube channel just moments after the live session took place.

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