Extending Movement Charter Drafting Committee nomination period

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The call for candidates for the Movement Charter Drafting Committee has started well, and within 10 days there are already 21 candidates. This also means that we are heading towards the scenario of community elections in September (see the process page for more info).

At the same time the elections of the Board of Trustees of Wikimedia Foundation have been postponed due to technical issues. We have assessed the implications of this postponement to the Movement Charter Drafting Committee nominations and elections and have come to a conclusion that:

  • It makes sense to have at least a 2 week gap between the elections of the Board of Trustees and the Movement Charter Drafting Committee. This means that the elections for the Drafting Committee should only happen in the second half of September to prevent election fatigue and support better turnout for the elections.
  • In relation to this we will extend the period of call for nominations by 2 weeks to September 14, as there is no reason to close the call prematurely. 

Movement Strategy team is happy to answer any questions or specifications related to this extension – don’t hesitate to reach out via strategy2030@wikmedia.org

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