Putting the Universal Code of Conduct into practice – the time to discuss is now!

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The Universal Code of Conduct Phase 2 Drafting Committee is excited to share a draft of the Enforcement Guidelines. This is a necessary addition to the Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC), and will help guide community members on how the new policy should be implemented. The draft is available for review by the entire community. The review process opened on 18 August and closes on 18 October.

The suggestion for a UCoC is connected with the Movement Strategy recommendations. The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees decided to make it a priority among other Movement Strategy actions. This policy must be relatable for all the Wikimedia communities and stakeholders of the Movement.

After consulting with thousands of Wikimedia contributors, a group of volunteers and Wikimedia Foundation staff drafted the UCoC. The facilitation team gathered feedback from over 45 different projects and language communities. The feedback provided a baseline of acceptable behaviours for the entire Wikimedia Movement. The Board of Trustees ratified the main text  of the UCoC in February 2021

From there, the second phase of the project focused on providing guidelines for applying the policy. Opinions and needs from many Wikimedia communities were collected, and a second volunteer/staff committee created a draft for community consideration. The Enforcement Guidelines will help inform everyone on how to apply the Universal Code of Conduct if violations occur. These principles are being created to ensure that the UCoC is being applied consistently across the entire movement.

The success of the Universal Code of Conduct depends on you. Your feedback during this review is important. You may comment on the draft. What would you add to the draft? What language is confusing? Which parts do you like best or least? 

The Wikimedia Foundation is supporting the facilitation process. A team of facilitators are available to help the community discuss the Enforcement Guidelines. Everyone is strongly encouraged to participate in the on-wiki discussion and roundtable on September 18th. We can also help you organize a discussion on your project, a roundtable, or help you create your own review event. Please get in touch, and make sure your community’s feedback is heard.

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