Improvements in the Movement Strategy Grants process

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The new Grants call is now open. Based on what we learned through the process, the Movement Strategy Grants approach has been updated. Here are a couple of the most significant changes:

  1. Increased funding limit.
    The funding ceiling has increased to $25,000. Applications requesting higher will need to be discussed first. 
  2. Examples of ideas and applications are available.
    There are now four prioritized Initiatives. Ongoing activities have surfaced some examples of ideas that you can pull from or adapt. 

The Movement Strategy progress continues and the Movement Strategy and Governance team looks forward to the Movement Strategy implementation. A big part of this is funding through grants. 

After the last Movement Strategy grants call, community feedback provided some valuable information. Below are some lessons learned that now inform the current Movement Strategy grants approach.

Information is crucial

To successfully access Movement Strategy grants, people need to understand the process. 

Clear messaging means people have the information to contribute to the Movement Strategy. So simple, informative messaging is essential. 

We learned the grants process was not clearly communicated. Information on what to apply for and how to apply was not easily accessible. This made grant applications take considerable time and effort to put together. In spite of this, many did not get funded.

The advice we got: 

  • Provide more clarity on what ideas are fundable. 
  • Use examples that show the requirements for successful Movement Strategy grant applications.

Frequent conversations and feedback help

Connection with and between communities is important. This makes it easier to create strong proposals with well-articulated ideas. These connections could be conversations, feedback sharing, or working together on ideas.

These are all important for ensuring people get the support they need to access grants. Great ideas do not always start as great proposals. But great proposals happen through conversations, feedback, and collaboration.

The advice we got: 

  • Engage with communities more.
  • Provide opportunities for conversations and feedback.
  • Share feedback about grant applications before final decisions.

Flexible funding limits are necessary 

Increasing funding limits creates more opportunities because ideas are then not limited. A low funding cap created problems for collaborative plans, which often have bigger needs.

Movement Strategy Implementation projects often need community partnerships, research, and hiring external consultants. This is not reasonable with $2000 USD or less.

The advice we got: 

  • Increase the funding limits to allow for more opportunity.

What can you do?

If you have ideas, you can get support for your application. Support can be provided through the Community of Practice on Movement Strategy grants. We can also support by connecting you with people with similar ideas. Also, you can host a conversation to build your idea. 

Do take some time to read through and apply. If you have any questions you can contact the Movement Strategy and Governance team or find out more about Movement Strategy Implementation grants.

A Full List of Funded Applications

The Movement Strategy and Governance team appreciates everyone who applied in the last grants call. This Call ended July 31, 2021. 

Here is a full list of all successful applications:

Many grant applications for translations were also approved. We encourage those who were not successful to reach out to strengthen your proposal and reapply.

Yop Rwang Pam, Movement Strategy Implementation Specialist
Quim Gil, Director, Movement Strategy and Governance

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