Diff on Holiday Break till 2022

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2021 was, well, a year. We know the past twelve months have affected different parts of the Wikimedia movement differently and we here at Diff appreciate all those who continue to contribute despite the challenges of life and for those who have stepped back to take care of themselves. In the spirit of rest and respite, Diff will take a break in publishing between 18th of December and the 4th of January, 2022

Submissions received before the 17th can be scheduled to be published within that period of time. We’ll return on the fourth with a renewed vigor and look forward to your submissions, comments, and continued readership in the new year.

Diff in 2021

Diff has published over 328 blog posts from nearly a hundred authors in 2021. That’s nearly a post a day! From movement affiliates, the Wikimedia Foundation, the Board of Trustees, individual contributors, partner organizations, and more. The site has seen over 350,000 views from 228,000 visitors reaching nearly every corner of the world. Over 430 people have subscribed to receive an email every time a blog post is published.

Anonymized traffic of Diff for 2021

In 2021 we added the ability to login with your Wikimedia account to submit posts and leave comments. Earlier this Fall we added a movement event calendar anyone in the movement can contribute to. 

We share these stats and accomplishments as encouragement and to show that we appreciate those who have helped make the difference in the movement – in better communication, stronger communities, and a continued interest in sharing and learning from one another. As we prepare to venture forth into 2022, we want to take a moment of reflection and to share appreciation. Thank you for writing, reading, and giving feedback. Happy New Year to you, and those you love.  

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