CEE Spring 2021: What was written about Ukraine on Wikipedia

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This year from March 21 to May 31 everyone could join the international campaign CEE Spring 2021 on Wikipedia. It was dedicated to improving coverage of Central and Eastern European countries. Almost 130 people have written more than 640 articles about Ukraine in other language chapters. We look at which articles about Ukraine have been added — and thanks to whom.

Since 2015, wikimedians from Central and Eastern European countries have been organizing the international CEE Spring competition. The goal of the campaign is to bring together global wiki community forces for creating and improving articles about history, culture, traditions and prominent persons from CEE countries. 

Traditionally, NGO Wikimedia Ukraine organized a contest in Ukrainian Wikipedia and encouraged the global wiki community to write articles about Ukraine in various languages.

This year, the contest was held from March 21 to May 31. Between 38 communities covered, Ukraine took the fourth place by the number of articles among the locales covered: 128 participants wrote 644 articles about Ukraine. Only Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia are ahead.

Most articles about Ukraine were created or improved in Bulgarian (141 articles), German, Hungarian and Greek Wikipedias (over 50 articles in each).

Bulgarian Wikipedia user Vodnokon4e created and improved the most articles about Ukraine – about 140. 

The second place goes to Hungarian Wikipedia user Antissimo, who created and improved 36 articles. User Berihert from the German Wikipedia is in third place — they created 35 articles. Not far from them — user Zm05gamer with 34 articles.

Qolcomaq from Azerbaijani Wikipedia receives a special award for articles in the category “Crimean Tatars”.

Thanks to the efforts of the CEE Spring participants, Bosnian Wikipedia now has a new article about Ukrainian historian and politician Mykhailo Hrushevsky. In Greek, you can read about poet and writer Ivan Franko, in Turkish — about theologian Peter Mogila, in German — about folk hero Oleksa Dovbush.

Also, during the campaign, many existing articles have been improved. Bulgarian readers can now read more about the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Bosnian speakers – about the West Ukrainian People’s Republic, Slovenian readers – about the President of Ukraine.

Thanks to every participant of the international CEE Spring competition who contributed to the coverage of Ukrainian topics on Wikipedia!

  • We also determined the results of the CEE Spring contest on the Ukrainian Wikipedia. Throughout April 2021, over 70 participants created and improved more than 1,600 articles about other countries and communities in Central and Eastern Europe. Read about the results of this campaign at the link (in Ukrainian).

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