Join #WikiForHumanRights2022 Upcoming Regional Support/Conversation Hours

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Group Photo from #WikiForHumanRights December 14th conversation hour

The #WikiForHumanRights Campaign, in collaboration with United Nations Human Rights and the UN Environment Programme, is back and better than ever!!!!

We need your help to organize the 2022 campaign, which runs from April 15 to June 14, 2022, and will once again focus on The Right to a Healthy Environment — the human right most recently recognized by the UN. This year we will widen our focus from climate change to the broader “triple planetary crisis” of Climate, Pollution, and Biodiversity loss, and their many impacts on human wellbeing and survival. 

Join the conversation! Get ready to organize!

We want to talk with you and support events in your region!  We are hosting a series of upcoming regional support hours to meet interested organizers, and to provide contextual support. Meetings will be hosted in the following regions:

We are motivated by our achievement last year with the campaign, which yielded about 2,000 total articles in over 30 languages by over 300 participants, with more than 27 community events ranging from edit-a-thons, writing contest, workshops, and webinars (some of which were streamed live on local TV channels!). We are feeling excited and optimistic about this year!

Join any of our regional meetings listed above to learn more about:

  • How you can participate in this campaign and organize local events in your community or region with dedicated rapid grants. 
  • Which topics this campaign will target, and how you can connect with subject matter experts, partners, and other resources to support successful content creation activities.
  • How the Wikimedia Foundation Campaigns team can support you in designing your event and doing targeted outreach to potential contributors drawn to these topics
  • How and where to get support

Why Participate?

Wikipedia plays a critical role in providing neutral, reliable, and accessible information on a wide variety of topics. From the COVID-19 pandemic to major global elections, people also use Wikipedia as a resource to understand the events shaping the world around them. Wikipedia articles explicitly about climate change topics have a major impact as shown in the number of pageviews these articles have received. For instance, as of 2021, English Wikipedia received 133 million page views on climate change-related articles, while other Wikipedias received a combined 191 million pageviews of these topics. However, many content gaps still remain,  and there is still much more to be done to ensure that topics at the intersection of Human Rights and the Environment — e.g. climate change’s impact on food systems that sustain human life, pollution’s impact on human health, and deforestation’s impact on indigenous rights, and so much more — are well represented on Wikipedia and in diverse languages so that the world can make sense of this multi-layered crisis. 

Who can participate?

The campaign is open to all including allied organizations and institutions, Wikimedia affiliates,  environmental experts and groups, as well as individuals — very much including newcomers! 

Important Campaign Dates to note!

  • Regional support conversation hours (virtual) – Jan-March 2022
  • Apply for Rapid Funds to support local events — best window; January-March 2022
  • Campaign Kicks Off! Launch of Writing Contest and Community Events- April 15th, 2022
  • Webinar on Earth Day – April 22, 2022
  • World Environment Day- June 5, 2022

You can watch the recording of the  December 14th, 2021 Conversation and Support Hour here [6] if you missed it.

For further support, join our Telegram group, [7] or send us an email via and we will be in touch!







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