Knowledge will become more accessible thanks to St. Petersburg schoolchildren

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CC SA 4.0 Erzianj jurnalist

The Academy of Digital Technologies is now friends with Wikimedia Saint Petersburg. Representatives of the two organizations, Dmitry Kovalev and Reda Kerbush, signed a cooperation agreement.

The purpose of the interaction is the development of students in a scientific and technical direction, the creation and dissemination of publicly available encyclopedic, reference information.

The Wikimedia team strives to ensure that the knowledge collected together is of high quality and accessible to all. This requires competent authors, who are best raised in childhood. The educational process has been launched since the beginning of the academic year in the “Wiki-technologies” association of the Academy.

CC SA 4.0 Reda Kerbouche

“We want to attract new people, children in this case, to the world of wiki technology in order to correct the situation of illiteracy in this area. Often Internet users, as soon as they are faced with creating or editing a wiki page on any wiki platform, run away from this process. They are afraid of minimal and simple programming, so it is important to teach them how to do it. It is this way of publishing that can become the basis of a person’s career since the content that is published on our platforms relates to many areas: from journalism to local history. It can be important for young people to contribute to an open knowledge bank. We work in open source, so publications will remain there forever and will be cited. Authors write themselves into the history of the Internet,” says Reda Kerbush, chairman of Wikimedia Saint Petersburg.

A roadmap of projects between the two entities for the implementation of Wikimedia in partnership with the Academy of Digital Technologies has already been drawn up and work on their implementation will begin in the near future. These are technological festivals, educational programs, competitions.

One of them is the launch of the first pilot project in Russia, QRpedia. It is planned to create an article about the Academy on Wikipedia in different languages ​​and install a QR code with a link to the material on the central gate of the institution from Vvedenskaya Street. For St. Petersburg, this will be the first experience of this kind.

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