Climate workshop – action starts with community

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Our planet continues to face an ever changing and urgent climate crises, and access to neutral, fact-based, and current information about it has never been so important than now.

Bringing our virtual Wikimedia communities together to learn and to help build a strong collaborative global network that is ready to tackle the shared challenges that are shaping our world, including the climate crisis, is so important.

In partnership with Teams for a Better Planet, the Wikimedia Foundation will present a workshop dealing with the global climate crisis – Race to Net Zero. This workshop will have interactive, team-building sessions with educational content, discussions and innovative approaches to problem-solving. The goal is to present clear, actionable information about the causes of climate change and the solutions we must rapidly scale to meet this challenge, and to host conversations to help build our community of practice. We are excited to encourage active peer-to-peer learning, reflection, and thoughtful discussions that will bring teams closer together while empowering individuals to take action.

The event details are as follows:

The Race to Net Zero
Join a special event hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation
Thursday, 24 February 2022 at 1500 UTC
Participate live via Zoom

Please join us for this special workshop – there is a maximum of 25 people that can join, and the session will last for approximately 2 hours; sign up on Meta-wiki. This workshop will not be recorded and sign-up is on a first come, first served basis. After completion of the workshop, there will be a certificate of participation available.

About The Race to Net Zero workshop

Science-based targets, carbon neutrality, net zero emissions – these terms show up on a daily basis in headlines, press releases, corporate climate goals and everyday conversation. But what do these terms actually mean for companies, governments and individuals? Are we on track to hit our climate goals? In this session, we learn all about setting strong climate commitments and give you the tools to understand the ambition of the public pledges that companies and governments are making and evaluate their progress toward realizing these goals.

In the Race to Net Zero workshop, you’ll come away with:

  • Understanding of key language and terms
  • Actionable schema for reducing and eliminating CO2 across sectors and scales
  • Understanding of carbon footprinting, including Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
  • Framework for carbon reduction measurement and accountability
  • Enhanced headline interpretation skills

About Teams for a Better Planet

Through hands-on learning modules focused on climate awareness, education, and solutions design, Teams for a Better Planet provides the necessary tools your community needs to connect with purpose, empower each other, and take meaningful climate action in your personal life and professional capacity. Teams for a Better Planet is co-founded and led by Frances Sawyer and Katie Barrett

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