The University World contest has started in English and Russian Wikipedias

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On February 7, 2022, the “University World” contest for writing and editing articles dedicated to higher education institutions started in the Russian and English versions of Wikipedia. The contest is part of a project that the Russian non-profit partnership Wikimedia RU is implementing with the support of the non-governmental development institute Innopraktika and the Presidential Grants Fund.

The contest will last until March 7, 2022. The total amount of the prize fund of the contest is 100 000 rubles (around $1,300 USD, in form of online shop certificates). Five winners will be determined in each of the two nominations.

“The main goal of the project is to provide students and specialists with comprehensive information based on verified, trustworthy sources. Wikipedia is the best resource for solving this problem, ” Alexey Ryabinin, Chairman of the organizing committee of the competition, Doctor of Economics, business Ombudsman in the field of copyright and intellectual property says.

Of course, the contest will contribute to the content of Wikipedia:

“In almost every Wikipedia article about a person, we indicate the university that he graduated from and put a link to an article about this educational institution. Unfortunately, not all universities, institutes and academies have Wikipedia articles written about them. And those articles that already exist sometimes need updating and clarification. This competition should help solve this problem.”

Stanislav Kozlovsky, Wikimedia RU Executive Director.

It is expected that the competition will allow to get a tangible social effect.

“Wikimedia RU has found new partners in the face of universities interested in the project, which allows for an additional competition within its framework”, the head of the Innopraktika Development Projects Directorate on the launch of the competition Mark Trifonov commented. — To replenish information about universities, outstanding graduates and their mentors, it is necessary to motivate the authors and editors of the encyclopedia, as well as attract new participants. Lectures and master classes on the algorithm of writing articles were held at universities, which affected their quality. The competition will sum up the work done, and we could not help but support it.”

Two language platforms of the competition correspond to its two nominations. In Russian, the contestants will be able to write or supplement articles about any universities in the world, both existing and already discontinued. Within the framework of the competition, it will be possible to write about Russian higher educational institutions in English.

The jury, consisting of three experienced Wikipedia experts, will evaluate the work of wiki marathon runners on a point system. Each contest article can receive from 1 to 3 points, depending on the degree of disclosure of the topic and the level of design.

The organizers of the contest are Wikimedia RU, the Institute of Economics and Management in Industry, and the Educom.Net Internet platform. Learn more about the contest and get involved.

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