Coming together on-wiki in solidarity with Ukraine

Institute for Noble Maidens in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Institute for Noble Maidens (The October Palace), Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Wikimedia movement’s commitment to provide reliable, verifiable information to the world becomes even more critical in times of crisis. The ongoing invasion of Ukraine has already caused unimaginable pain and suffering and impacted millions. Yet in times of upheaval, from pandemics to political turmoil to natural disasters, Wikimedians come together in the service of our collective mission. People are coming to the Wikimedia projects to learn facts, and Wikimedians around the world are collaborating to share their knowledge.

In addition to the work being done on the Wikimedia projects to document this crisis in 100 languages, people across the movement are hard at work to support the affected communities. In the most wiki way, we are starting a page to coordinate efforts on Meta-Wiki – and your help is needed. Anyone in the movement is encouraged to list their Wikimedia activities related to this crisis or ideas they have to help, so that we can collaborate and support each other where needed.

The Wikimedia Foundation stands in solidarity with the communities–those directly affected in Ukraine and all others who work to protect access to free knowledge. We are also reviewing the potential impacts that this crisis and the corresponding threats of censorship being made by the Russian government could have on the entire movement. We remain committed to sharing information as quickly as we are able, and we look forward to hearing from others across the movement.