Leadership Development Working Group: A working group is forming ! Apply to join and share the message.

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In February, the Community Development (CD) team published a Call for Feedback about a Leadership Development Taskforce Working Group. Visit the Meta-wiki page to learn more about the working group’s purpose

The call for feedback announcement was shared in 42 languages. The Movement Strategy & Governance team’s 16 language facilitators gathered feedback in their language and regional communities. Feedback was collected through multiple channels: Meta-wiki, Telegram, 1:1 meetings, community calls, on-wiki discussion boards and others.

The Call for Feedback was a crucial step to gather community input about leadership development and the working group. Community members shared feedback about the meaning of “leader,” the composition of the working group, and the need for continued community feedback. You can view a summary of the feedback on Meta-wiki.

Feedback from communities will be shared with the working group. It will inform their discussions as they ask the questions:  how should the movement define leadership? How does the movement recognize good leadership? How can leaders be developed? All feedback will be shared in depth with the selected working group members. 

Apply to join the Leadership Development Working Group

The application to join the Leadership Development Working Group is open!

  • Timeline – The application period has started and will close April 10th, 2022. Please find the application here.  
  • Membership – Up to 12 community members will be selected to participate in the working group. 
  • Who should apply? – Applicants can be volunteers and affiliate volunteers/staff who have interest, knowledge, and experience with capacity building and leadership development.
  • Language – Translation support will be provided on an as-needed basis. English is not a requirement to participate.
  • Commitment –  The term commitment for each working group member will be a one year, starting in May 2022 and be equivalent to 5 hours of work per week. A one year commitment has been set to avoid burnout and allow people to exit if and when needed. The time commitment is included with real time video calls and asynchronous work. 
  • Benefits – Each member will receive $100 every two months to offset the costs for participation. Members will have access to skill development opportunities and training while in the working group. 
  • Working Group Support – A facilitator will be provided for the duration of the working group’s work. Translation support will be provided.The Community Development team and the Movement Strategy & Governance team will be supporting the working group in coordination, feedback collection, and documentation.

To find a detailed description of the working group structure, please find it on the Meta-wiki page. If you have questions or concerns, email the Community Development: comdevteam@wikimedia.org.

In summary, apply to join the working group and share the message with community members who might be interested!

Thank you, 

The Community Development Team 

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