Announcement of the removal of the Covid Travel Policy

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The Wikimedia Foundation today announces that all Covid-19 related travel restrictions with Foundation Grant funding will be lifted. Our primary concern in 2020 was community safety as we all grappled with the unknown pandemic.  Two years later, the world is opening up again and travel is resuming in many countries. The Foundation has changed its own travel policy and we recognize the importance of meeting in person, something which many of us have missed over the past two years. 

We will now welcome proposals to support travel again. Following the new Foundation Fund Strategy and the Movement Strategic Direction we recognize we are all partners in our movement and the autonomy of movement entities to be responsible for creating their own travel plans. The Foundation does have a few recommendations in place to consider for safely gathering that would be accepted as costs of proposed travel budgets. 

  1. We recommend all attendees to be vaccinated when possible.
  2. We advise organizers and participants to check on local restrictions and rules in your own country and in the destination country that is hosting the event. Costs included in the proposal should follow current local COVID guidelines for the travel destination including Airlines requirements such as pre/post travel COVID test and possible limits on attendee number. Should conditions become more stringent closer to the event, you are welcome to submit a cost addendum should it be needed for additional PPE, testing etc.  
  3. We also recommend that event organizers include travel booking services and insurance as part of your plans and budgeting proposals. Organizations are able to add these costs or for any other precautions taken as part of your event, such as pre/post testing and masks, can  be included in budgets. 

Event organizers who have been planning online events, can now also consider an in person element. Please reach out to your Program Officer, who can discuss making the relevant adjustments to your plan or budget, when possible, to allow in person events.

The current Risk Assessment protocol is no longer required, but it is recommended for organizers to review the In-person gathering checklist for safety precautions.

We do acknowledge that the pandemic is still present in many places across the world, and vaccines are not accessible to everyone. If this is the case for your community, we ask that you be mindful of community safety and that both local events, and online events, are still welcomed. The World Health Organization is still offering general guidance that you could review.   

For more information please contact the program/ region program officer, or reach out to

Here are a few useful resources for more information on our funding programs: 

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From Community Resources, on behalf of the Wikimedia foundation.

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