Refining a global contest to create the sound of Wikimedia

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We first shared why a sound logo is needed for Wikimedia content to be correctly identified on audio platforms. We then shared how the creation of this sound logo would build upon existing practices in the movement with an array of exciting new parameters when it comes to sound logo creation and audio production. Now, the sound logo contest organizing team is excited to share a proposal for the global contest to create the sound of Wikimedia … and we’d love to hear from you. 

Let us know your thoughts on the project’s talk page and join an upcoming conversation on Friday May 27 @13:00 UTC (on Zoom with live interpretation) and Thursday June 2 @18:00 UTC (on Jitsi). During these conversations, we will discuss the project, unpack sound logos, and introduce some basic audio mixing. For call times and log-in information, please visit the contest proposal page.

We hope you like this contest proposal and help us make it louder. The conversation remains open until June 10. 

Some inspiration for you

Think of HBO, TED or Netflix. Think back to Intel and Windows. Sound logos are all around us and virtual voice assistants are ever more ubiquitous.  Now think of our vibrant wikiverse. How can you capture the sound of question and answer, knowledge growing, or trusted information in 1 to 4 second? We have already started a collection of sounds and tools to get you creating. Please help to expand it. 

A unique contest with lots to explore

Creating the sound of Wikimedia is no easy task, neither is evaluating a sound logo contest. You can’t place a series of sound logos next to each other and choose the one that you like the best in one attempt. It’s  also easy to develop listener fatigue when hearing one sound logo after another. This is going to be a collaborative, global effort with a lot of room for learning and hopefully a contribution of vibrant sound bites to Wikimedia Commons. There are many ways to contribute – from growing the existing collection of sounds and creating your own unique sound logo for Wikimedia to participating in the screening team or the selection committee. Learn more about getting involved

Some criteria and specifics 

For the contest, we are encouraging 1 submission per person with up to 3 sound logos, each between 1 and 4 seconds long. Your submission should contain only original sounds or CC0 / public domain samples. The ideal sound logo should feel human, inspired, smart, and warm.  You can learn more about the submission criteria, creative prompts, selection criteria, and the next steps on the contest proposal page. 

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