Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) is Joining The Wikipedia Library!

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One of the challenges that are faced by Wikipedians is the availability of credible information as a source of reference. Academic writings have been deemed as one of the most appropriate references on Wikipedia.  Nevertheless, sometimes Wikipedians face difficulties to obtain references as the majority of the content is behind a paywall. 

Fortunately, through The Wikipedia Library platform, the Wikimedia Foundation has been able to collaborate with top publishers across the globe to provide previously paywalled articles for free to selected Wikipedians (an active editor who has made more than 500 edits and their account is more than 6 months old).

The Wikimedia Foundation strives to expand the collaboration not only with the publisher on the global level but also with major prestigious publishers at the regional level. In the Asian region, The Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) is considered a prominent authority in technical areas of information processing and computer science. The IPSJ has agreed to open up its valuable research publications to the Wikipedia Library. The previously paywalled articles will be beneficial to enhance and even create numerous new science and technology-related Wikipedia articles. 

IPSJ has a variety of publications covering academic research and industrial practices that comprise 3 main publication clusters: IPSJ Journal (11,000 papers – published 12 times a year), IPSJ Transactions (5,000 papers from 10 journals – irregularly published about 30 times a year), and Special Interest Group (SIG) Technical Reports (80,000 papers – published approximately 150 times a year (irregularly) from 40 academic groups).

The participation of IPSJ is truly beneficial, particularly for both Japanese and non-Japanese speaking Wikipedians who have a keen interest in creating or editing science and technology articles as IPSJ papers are available both in English and Japanese language. We anticipate that with this collaboration, the number of science and technology articles will increase. Not to mention improve the capacity of both Japanese and Non-Japanese-speaking Wikipedians to access useful and trustworthy information sources to constantly improve the Wikimedia projects.

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