As we head for the long holiday: what’s next for the University Students Wikimedians Communities in Tanzania?

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Ongoing training on our last meetup in Iringa

Who are we and what do we do.

University Students Wikimedians (USW) is a Wikimedia-based program focused on engaging and creating awareness among Colleges and Universities Students on the Wikimedia projects and Movement. It is a program currently (2022) being run in three regions (Morogoro, Dodoma, and Iringa regions) in Tanzania.

The program was initially started as an experiment back in 2019 in the Morogoro region and became fully operational in July 2021. The experimental period was focused on what ways students can be engaged in different Wikimedia projects through volunteering and what ways would be best to organize these communities while accommodating their life hood as students. So far the program has participated in different national and international campaigns.

What’s next during this holiday?

University Students Wikimedians meetup

First, we extend our many Congratulations to all the members of our communities on the completion of your University Exams!

As we head for the long holiday (Approx. 4 Months) many might think we will not be running any events! But rest assured we already have plans put in place for you! Yes, we will be running events as usually no matter where you will have a chance to participate in all of the events with full support from our organizing team.

The events are live! Join us during this holiday by contacting any of our club leaders below:

SNNamesClub and locationEmail
01.Hussein IssaCIVE (UDOM)
02.Miriam KikoromaCHSS (UDOM)
03.Deborah NgiraCBE (Dodoma)
04.Rashid MussaUoI (Iringa)
University Students Wikimedians Club leaders contacts

However, would you like to be part of our volunteering communities? Feel free to email us via or call +255685261018. We do not charge anything!

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