Fulfulde Wikipedia reached over 500 articles after reactivation

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In less than 6 months of its reactivation, the Fulfulde Wikipedia has gotten over five hundred articles being published. This huge success was achieved as a result of the campaigns led by Musaddam Idriss, a long-term Wikipedia editor and a founder of the Fulfulde Wikimedians User Group who is not just the first person to have organized campaigns on Fulfulde Wikipedia but also the first person to have led similar events and projects leading to recruiting over 30 active contributors who contribute content to the global online encyclopedia in Fulfulde language.

Map of the Fula language(s) (Fulani, Fulfulde, Pulaar, Pular).

”My plan is to see that we doubles the number of contributed content we reached now or even go beyond in the next 3 months” says Musaddam Idriss

“Most of our effort as for now is centralized towards improving, referencing and categorizing the existing articles on Fulfulde Wikipedia as well as linking them to relevant Wikidata items and related files from Commons.” he added

From the mid of July 2022 to date, the Fulfulde Wikimedians have created over 70 new articles and improved over 180 existing ones.

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