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This year’s Wikimania is taking place both virtually and in person, with nearly 50 events happening across the globe! The in-person events are being organized by affiliates and other movement groups and will bring Wikimedians together to celebrate with pizza parties, picnics, watchathons and more!

You’ll also be able to see some of the in-person events being tied into the main virtual program–on the 12th we have Wikimedia Mexico and a reprise of the mariachi band from 2021! And on the 14th, the final day we have a previous host location, Esino Lario, make an appearance virtually, all the way from Italy. 

Africa was home to many newcomers for the 2021 event and this year has 20 events taking place across the continent. Latin America has a spread of events from Mexico all the way down to Santiago, Chile. India has four events taking place across the country! 

If you are interested in joining any of these events, you can find out more about the hosts, dates, times and how to register on the Wikimedia Wiki page. If you are a host or going along to attend, we’d love to see and hear how things go! You can send info, photos and videos to and share on social channels by tagging us (@wikimania.conference on Facebook/Instagram and @wikimania on Twitter) or using the official hasthtag #Wikimania2022. 

Highlights from the regions

Latin America and the Caribbean

There are eight events in seven countries across the Latin American and Caribbean region.
Wikimedia México will host a viewing party August 12,13 and 14 in Cuernavaca. They will have activities with the community such as a barbecue and karaoke night. There is going to be a second event in Veracruz on August 12 with a series of talks on Wikipedia and the Education program. 

Wikimedia Venezuela and Wikimedia Small Projects are planning a conference for Wikimedians and people who want to know more about this community. More information here.

Wikimedia Colombia is also planning a Wikidia, an event for volunteers of the Colombian chapter. Wiki Ocupa Santa Leopoldina is the event from Wiki Movimento Brasil and will include a day and night time photo walk, collaborative mapping, an edith-a-ton and digitization of Museu do Colono collections. Wikimedia Argentina is organizing a two days event in Santa Fe and will include a community meeting with people around the country and a safari tour in the ecological reserve. Meetups are also happening before and during the event in Chile and Haiti.

Middle East and North Africa

There will be two events in the Middle East & North Africa region. Wikimedia Tunisia is organizing a community meet up and a watch party in Monastir. They will also be changing the board committee of the user group and this will be part of the event. The Sudan group is also planning a meet up. 


There are several Wikimania in-person events that include watch parties, workshops and training that will be taking place across East, West and South Africa. The following are some of the communities organizing:

Wikimedia South AfricaTwo Wikimania Meet-Ups; in Capetown and Johannesburg. In Capetown the in-person events will run for three days (12-14 August) while the Joburg meet up will only run for one day (13th August).

Wikimedia User Group Nigeria, Igbo Wikimedians User Group, Yoruba Wikimedians User Group are also planning a joint Wikimania in person 4 day regional event in Lagos, Nigeria,  that will feature discussions, meetups, training, and workshops

Europe and North America

There are nine events taking place in Europe, with previous host cities such as London, Stockholm and Esino Lario holding in person meet ups. North America sees New York host The Wiki World’s Fair event, to be held all-day on Saturday August 13, 2022 at the Queens Museum.


East Asia is home to events taking place in communities such as Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. South Asia will see 5 events being organized in the region covering 4 language communities, 2 countries and a developer community.

Wikimania 2022, Bangladesh Edition is a regional daylong conference arranged by Wikimedia Bangladesh on the occasion of Wikimania 2022 on the 12th of August, 2022. In this conference, the social and technological side will be presented and discussed, focussing on the projects under Wikimedia like Wikipedia, other wikis, open knowledge etc.

Wikimania Madurai 2022 is a local meetup of Tamil Wikimedians on behalf of Global Wikimania conference 2022, on the14th of August, 2022 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The meetup will have lightning talks, project introductions, opening ceremonies and honorable mentions for some special guests. The event will also be connected with Wikimania’s virtual program.

Wikimania Mangalore 2022 is the local meet up of the Karavali Wikimedians being hosted in Mangalore, Karnataka. They are hosting a Wikimania 2022 local meetup in Mangalore on August 13 for Karavali Wikimedians to gather in-person to meet each other and participate in both online and offline activities. The full day event will include opening ceremonies, group connect activities, special talks and a discussion on the future of the group and their activities. 

Indic MediaWiki Developers User Group is organizing a 3-day Hackathon in Bangalore, Karnataka from the 12th to 14th of August, 2022. This meet-up is composed of two tracks running parallely for the whole meet-up. One track is dedicated to hackathons while the other track is for attending and engaging with online Wikimania events. The hackathon is a participant-led track and participants will choose and work on the project of their interest from the set of pre-listed tasks. They will join in the Wikimania festival celebrations during the 3-day event and the participants would be encouraged to join the different discussions to learn, contribute and share their experiences during Wikimania 2022. They also encourage newcomers to join the event and learn about the Wikimania, and the Wikimedia moment and help them in making connections with fellow developers from across the globe.

Odia Wikimedians User Group is organizing a 2-days conference in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha on the 13th and 14th of August, 2022, inviting all members of the user group to meet, exchange and learn. The conference would also focus on increasing the skills needed for existing editors. 

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