WIKIMOVE Podcast: Content and knowledge gaps

WIKIMOVE comes back from summer break with a new episode around content and knowledge gaps in the Wikimedia projects. 

What’s in this episode?

In this episode we talk with three Wikimedians who are trailblazers for including marginalized voices into the Wikimedia projects. Lucy Crompton-Reid, Daniel Bögre Udell and Kiril Simeonowski are active in different but complementary projects that implement Recommendation 8, Topics for Impact. You can find out about new formats for creating oral citations, a toolkit in the works for surfacing marginalized knowledge and first ideas on helping to create Wikipedias with marginalized language communities. Join us for this and to find out about Wikidata’s 10th Birthday!

Our guests are…

Kiril Simeonovski
Kiril is president of Shared Knowledge and a leading Wikimedian from the region of Central and Eastern Europe and has been actively contributing to the Wikimedia projects since 2008.

Daniel Bögre Udell
Daniel is a co-founder and the Executive Director of Wikitongues, which supports language revitalization projects on every continent.

Lucy Crompton-Reid
Lucy joined Wikimedia UK as Chief Executive in October 2015. She is on the British Library Advisory Council and sits on the board of The Audience Agency and Visible Theatre. 

You can find the audio podcast on our website and a video version with English subtitles on Youtube. Please visit our meta page to react to the episode and subscribe to get notified of each new release. You can also follow us on Twitter to continue the conversation. 

Our next episode around peer support in our movement will be released on October 20th, stay tuned! 

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