How Wikimedia Fulfulde Community are Changing the Narratives of Fulfulde language across Wikimedia Projects

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Although, it’s agreeable that there’s still much to do in bringing the Fulfulde Wikipedia to limelight in making it the most popular and most accessible source of information that will be use globally across the Fulfulde speaking communities, countries and populace.

All indications have without doubt shown that the Fulfulde language is taking a good shape towards improving its visibility on Wikimedia projects. Which has of course ensure it to have a good fortune in a short stretch of time considering how hungry and desperate the recently recruited members of the established Fulfulde Wikimedians User Group are becoming more actively in contributing with contents that helps to bridge both gender gaps, geographic and ethnic backgrounds.

Gwanki, a wikimedia editor from Hausa Wikimedians User Group answering some questions of the participants during the Wikimedia Commons workshop on Sunday, 18 September, 2022

In this month, the Wikimedia Fulfulde Community members participated in their first ever physical meet-up in the course of training the members how to edit and contribute data items on Wikidata and also train them on how to record and upload Fulfulde recorded words on Wikimedia Commons.

Less than a week after the training, it was observed that over 2,000 lexemes of Fulfulde language were created on Wikidata making the language second only to Igbo among the languages spoken in Nigeria that has the highest number of created lexemes. Consequently, it was also noted that over 1,000 Fulfulde recorded words were uploaded on Commons making Fulfulde visible across the Wikimedia projects.

Some of the participants at the event

The workshop which was organized and facilitated by Musaddam Idriss, founder of the Fulfulde Wikimedians Group and Executive Director said,

“Our main motivation is the desire to see that the Wikipedia of our language is progressing and that Fulfulde speakers, especially those who speak only the language, are provided with the equal opportunity/chance of access the free knowledge and information which will help in sharpen their lives at it does in the other languages. So we can never and will never rested or fold our hands unless we reached to the point where there’s no more anything to write about. No more information and no more knowledge that hasn’t been written on Fulfulde Wikipedia. In fact, what I am trying to say is, we will continue on this path to fully take part in the race of catching up to our coequal without thinking of a day to stop, our entire life…we want to see this workout, so we will dedicated our life to it in doing the best that we could”

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