New WIKIMOVE Podcast on peer support

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Our latest WIKIMOVE Episode on peer support in our movement has just dropped! Check it out on our Website and feel free to react to it on our meta page to continue the conversation. 

What’s in this episode?

We talk about new projects to connect the people of our movement for mutual aid. Our movement is constantly growing and diversifying, all across the globe. New people are joining and new communities are forming every day. As volunteers and as staff of affiliates, they are having to acquire new skills, figure out how to organize, form organizations, do outreach and advocacy, and work with institutions and governments. For every skill or piece of knowledge that a Wikimedian is looking for, there is probably another Wikimedian who has figured it out or has the answer. But how do they find each other?

Our guests are…

  • Rebecca O’Neill, Project Coordinator of Wikimedia Community Ireland since 2017
  • Jessica Stephenson, Evaluation Program Officer with the Community Resources at the Wikimedia Foundation since April 2021

NOTE: WIKIMOVE is now only available as audio podcast. You can still find our shows on YouTube with English subtitles, but without video.

We hope you enjoy it!

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