Wikimedia Outreach, Awareness and Editathon at Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Anambra State Nigeria

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The event held at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State, Nigeria recorded over 100 participants who were willing to contribute to Wikimedia projects. The statistics are shown on the event dashboard which registered 141 editors with a total of 2,003 articles created, 4,502 articles edited and a total of 12,500 edits. The event was done in a hybrid format to accommodate participants who couldn’t make it in-person.

However, the event ended with a contest, 41 editors participated and at the end of the contest, more than 1,480 articles were created on the Igbo Wikipedia. Prizes were given to top editors (about 13 in number). See details on contest dashboard and scoresheet. At the end of the event, we sought feedback from participants via a survey to get their opinion on the event and ways we could do better. There were a total of 28 responses from the survey. Below is the summary of findings and discussions.

Occupation of participants

The event was held at the university targeting the university staff and students. However, some people within the University community who were neither staff nor students also attended the event following the outreach and awareness created. From the responses, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Staff participated more, followed by the students and other participants from different works of life. Other participants who were not in Anambra state as at the time of the event, participated online. See chat below for elaborate details.

Level of satisfaction and relevance of the event

Most participants indicated that they were satisfied with the event; content, facilitators, communication, follow-up, practical sessions, venue, and contest. A few were not satisfied with the contest.  Most of the respondents agreed that the event was very  relevant.

Knowledge of Wikimedia Projects

Respondents were asked to grade their level of understanding of Wikimedia projects. Most participants ticked ‘good’, followed by excellent for Wikipedia, Wikicommons and Wikidata. See chart below for more details.

Some additional feedback regarding knowledge of Wikimedia projects were that some respondents need continuous training and practice for mastery; the unfavorable network of some participants affected them badly; the experienced Wikimedians alongside the facilitators were helpful. Generally, it was a wonderful experience.

Project with the most participation

Most participants contributed the most to Wikipedia. See chart below.

Additionally, participants gave overall feedback regarding the sessions’ content. Some respondents noted that the contents were excellent and superb, the instructions should be patiently detailed, distance and other issues were barriers to learning.

Key take-aways

Most participants stated that they acquired new skills and gained useful experience, especially editing Wikipedia. Wikidata and Wikicommons; gained knowledge of how to add pronunciation audio to Wikidata items; respondents also indicated the translation skill acquired; others loved the experience of contributing and editing Wikimedia projects, some have tried to edit on their own but was not successfully, this event served as a good learning platform; equally important is the language diversity of Wikimedia project, giving opportunity for users to contribute to their native languages (Igbo). Other key takeaways to some participants were the content, contest, and refreshments.

In conclusion, this event was a period of learning for facilitators and participants. Participants appreciated the experience they had as editors, they were grateful to Wikimedia Foundation for inclusion and diversity; also the facilitators and experienced Wikimedians for teaching effectively. For follow-up and more practice, these participants were added to the Igbo Wikimedians User Group, librarians amongst them were encouraged to join the Ig Wiki Librarians Hub, also, others joined the Ig Wikidata Hub and Ig Wiki Commons Hub respectively.

Gallery/images from the event

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