TACE Wiki Hub, established by Dagbani Wikimedians User Group on 14th August, 2022 and the activities undertaken so far

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The launch of the Hub

The TACE WIKI HUB was launched on the 14th of August, 2022 on the TACE campus in lecture room 20. The patron, Mr.Iddrisu Alhassan Sibdow, in collaboration with the executive director of Dagbani Wikimedians User Group, officially launched the hub. Team members of the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group spoke a lot about what can be done in order to succeed in all activities related to this program. Our patron also expressed his gratitude for the program’s successful launch and advised all participants to take Wikipedia seriously because it will help them in their studies and keep them up-to-date.

He also assured the team members that TACE WIKI HUB would be the best ever in the history of Dagbani Wikimedians.

participants after the program

Training session on Dagbani orthography

TACE WIKI HUB organized a training and they deliberated on the Dagbani Orthography. The training was led by the hub patron himself, who is a Ghanaian language tutor of Tamale College of Education. He taught the participants the various vowels and consonants in Dagbani and their sounds and combinations to produce specific sounds. They also learn about the vowels and consonants that do not go together in a sentence. The training lasted for almost four hours. Most of the orthography was learned on that day.

The maiden training session on what Wikimedia Movement is and how to contribute to its projects

TACE WIKI HUB embarked on very serious training. New participants were given an opportunity to create user accounts and also listen to the brief vision and mission of the hub and how Dagbani Wikimedians operate. They were also introduced to our interface; everything on the interface was explained to them and how to use it. They learned how to search for an article, how to create a new article, how to edit an already existing article, and how to use Wikipedia to help themselves with their assignments and other academic work. Participants were given an opportunity to create their own articles from scratch for us to see their level of understanding, and their efforts made massive progress.

Workshop on how to edit Wikipedia

We repeated the process of creating a new article and how to search for an article. We also learned how to edit a text; for example, bolding, italicizing, underlining a text, and many more. How to add sections and interlinks The training lasted for almost four hours; it took place from 9:00am to 12:40pm.

Learn more about the Dagbani Wikimedians Group on Meta-wiki and follow on social media to get involved in future events.

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