2022 Coolest Tool Awards: Thank you for the tools!

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Every year, the Wikimedia technical community celebrates software tools created and used by the community. The following are this year’s winners.

Wiki communities around the globe have diverse use cases and technical needs. Volunteer developers are often the first to experiment with new ideas, build local and global solutions and enhance the experience in our software. The Coolest Tool Award aims to acknowledge that, and make volunteer developers’ work more visible.

The fourth edition of the Coolest Tool Award took place on Friday, 16 December, 2022. The event was live streamed on Youtube in the MediaWiki channel. 

The video is also available on Wikimedia Commons. The award was organized and selected by the Coolest Tool Academy 2022 and friends, based on nominations from our communities.

A total of nine tools were awarded in the categories listed below, and two more tools received honorable mentions. 

A tool is a piece of software used in the Wikimedia ecosystem. Examples for tools include gagdets, MediaWiki extensions, websites, web services, APIs, applications, bots, or user scripts.

Thank you for all your work! 🎉

2022 winners

Newbie Friendly – Tools that help newcomers to get up and running

Citation Hunt provides an easy way for editors to improve article quality without getting overly lost in the depths of a full article. 

It gamifies the process of improving a wikipedia article.

Editor — Tools that augment editing

MoreMenu allows you to bring all your favourite tools with you to a wiki page. It adds a dropdown menu to pages that are not special pages.

The dropdown offers many useful links to advanced tools for Wikimedians, in one single place.

Reusable — Serves many wikis and projects

PetScan is a powerful and flexible tool for creating a collection of wiki pages using categories, page properties, Wikidata and more.

Developer — Tools that primarily serve developers

Patch demo makes writing, reviewing and testing patches without everyone having to set up a local test instance of MediaWiki.

Newcomer — New tools or tools by new developers

Bullseye is a powerful anti-abuse tool for investigating sockpuppetry and open proxies. It allows those with access to the tool to look up varied information about IP addresses that before this tool existed were on 5 different pages.

Diversity — Tools that help include a variety of people, languages, cultures

Wiki99 helps create more inclusive content by helping identify articles that need to be created in various topics! It is a project to create 99 Wikipedia articles of a certain topic in every language. It helps editors find out which articles they could create or edit.

Impact — Tools that have broad or deep impact

Scholia’s uniqueness is its ability to link everything from articles, authors to organization and funding. Scholia also shows off the potential of Wikidata. Especially the effort to make Wikidata into a database of published scholarship.

Mobile — Mobile apps and mobile-focused tools

TwinkleMobile brings the famous Twinkle tool to your mobile devices! Twinkle adds a dropdown menu to automate some common tasks, like reporting vandalism, warning vandals,

requesting deletion or protection, or tagging articles.

Eggbeater — Tools in use for more than 10 years

Open Refine helps you to clean and easily add bulk data to wikidata! Upload thousands of items and files on Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons with relative ease with Open Refine

Honorable mentions

Created Articles is a collection of notebooks to analyze articles created by a user on Wikipedia.

Wikibooks Printable Version is a multilingual module that automatically creates a wikibook print version from its table of contents complete with navigation.

Big thanks to the 2022 academy, the Technical Engagement team, everyone who nominated their favorite tools, everyone who contributed code, and everyone who spread the word about the Coolest Tool Award!

For more details on the awarded projects, please see the Coolest_Tool_Award/2022 page.
To see winners from last year, please see the 2021 article.

Komla — for the 2022 Coolest Tool Academy

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