Fulfulde Wikimedians End the Year with Outreach Campaigns, Photowalk, Editathon and Video Documentaries

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To celebrate teamwork and maximize members’ distinct skill sets and competencies – as well as boost the level of contributions among its members, the Fulfulde Wikimedians Community User Group organized outreach campaigns at the end of 2022. Cutting across three different Fula community settlements and including a mega editathon to recruit new Fulfulde Wikipedia editors and increase skills for the existing ones. This is in attempt to both satisfy the desire to make a significant impact in preparation for a more greater impact in 2023 and the hunger to develop/promote the Fulfulde Wikipedia beyond its present level.

To ensure that the effort is effective and that the goals are achieved, the community adapt and utilized certain approaches; including physical outreach campaigns, photowalks, and documentary/tutorial videos giving an overview on the Fulfulde Wikipedia. Such as how it works and how to edit/contribute articles on the Fulfulde Wikipedia. Albeit, the program is still going on and the continuing efforts are still made to reach out to more populace, it is amazing to learn that the program achieved beyond the targeted result before it ends. Take a glance at some of the program progress here;

  • Over 50 editors were enrolled
  • 60 new articles were created and over 150 were improved
  • The page views also grows significantly
  • Over 200 edits on Wikidata with new items created

To take a full look at the activities one can visit the program dashboard and media can be found on Commons.

Gudi Emirate Palace Central Mosque
Musaddam Idriss, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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