Wiki Movimento Brasil Strategy 2023-2025: A one-year collaborative process

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Wiki Movimento Brasil launched a new strategy for the next three years, the result of a process that involved 65 people from the Wikimedia Movement over a year

Wiki Movimento Brasil (WMB) dedicated a year to the collective elaboration of a new strategy, to be implemented from 2023 on. The WMB’s Strategic Manifesto, recently published in full on wiki [1] and in a summarized version diagrammed on Wikimedia Commons [2], consolidates a process of plural methodologies that redefined the Brazilian affiliate’s organizational identity and established priorities for the actions for the next three years. The document is also the result of the collaboration of 65 people, including WMB associate members, the Brazilian community, leaders of the global Wikimedia Movement, and open knowledge partners. In this post, we share with you how this strategic process came about and what to expect from Wiki Movimento Brasil until 2025.

The kickoff for the development of the new strategy was the elaboration of a Theory of Change [4], still in 2021, in which we identified that the main problem we want to solve is that the ecosystem of open knowledge in Portuguese is still fragile and exclusionary. The strategy was also supported by the results of a survey published in early 2022 that mapped the Lusophone community’s perspective on the Movement Strategy 2030 [5], and by the recommendations of the Movement Strategy itself [6], since from the beginning of the process WMB was clear about the importance of connecting the local to the global.

The process was conducted by WMB’s professional team, in coordination with a Strategy Committee, formed early on in the process with WMB associate members from different experiences and Brazilian regions. The process, marked by varied forms of consultation with different stakeholders, included benchmarking of other strategic plans of the Movement, hiring an external consultancy to conduct an organizational identity survey, focus groups with the Brazilian community, semi-structured interviews with leaders from the Wikimedia Movement, and a series of strategy discussions held during WikiCon Brasil 2022, the first conference for the Brazilian community. Concepts from bell hooks, Erik Olin Wright, Miranda Fricker, Paulo Freire and other authors are also present in the strategy.

The Strategy 2023-2025 was consolidated in an in-person meeting of the Strategy Committee, in the countryside of São Paulo, based on a series of activities specially designed to reach consensus on the blocks of the document.

Comitê de Estratégia durante encontro presencial, em Descalvado (SP)

The complete methodology of the process [ ], with documentation of the steps taken and the sections of the document, is available in Portuguese. There is also a glossary [ ] (for now, in Portuguese, English and Spanish) with the main concepts used in the document. The Wiki Movimento Brasil Strategy 2023-2025 has sections for history, institutional statements, strategic axes, objectives, environment analysis, and implementation plan.

Finally, it is with a lot of pride and expectation that we share with the global community in this post that Wiki Movimento Brasil, in its capacity as a Brazilian Wikimedian agent of activation, coordination and social transformation for open knowledge, will act until 2025 guided by the following strategic axes:

  • (Re)imagine the sociotechnical infrastructure of the Wikimedia Movement
  • Coordinate Brazilian Wikimedia agencies
  • Foster and diversify partnerships for open knowledge in Brazil
  • Promote knowledge equity
  • Deepen and direct networks of governance within the Wikimedia Movement

The strategic process described here triggers, from 2023 on, new organizational actions of Wiki Movimento Brasil. The strategic axes and their respective directions for action will be incorporated into the programs developed by the affiliate until 2025, with learning practices derived from the Theory of Change. There will also be an updating of strategic documents prepared before the 2023-2025 Strategy, so that they are aligned with each other. This is the case of the Diversity Plan [9], the Communication Plan, and the Administrative Management Methodology, for example. There will also be the creation of an International Action Plan and a Financial Diversification Plan.

Finally, the implementation plan for the 2023-2025 Strategy establishes a permanent Strategy Committee, which will give continuity to specific strategic processes in alignment with the community, with cycles of evaluation and learning.










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