Wikipedia @22: Reactions, Feedbacks and Goodwill Messages from Igbo Wikimedians

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Wikipedia Day is an occasion to celebrate Wikipedia’s birthday. Every year on or around January 15 Wikipedia fans organize their own parties in their own communities to discuss Wikipedia and share cake. As part of the Wikipedia Day celebration by Igbo Wikimedians’ community, a good number of Igbo Wikimedians sent in Goodwill Messages to Wikipedia while reacting to the relevance of Wikipedia to them (individually). They pointed out some challenges they encounter while editing on Wikipedia and did not forget to render some advice to the Igbo Wikipedia administrators on ways forward. Interesting reactions and anonymous feedbacks were gotten from over 50 (fifty) Igbo Wikimedians. A survey with details of how long the members have been editing on Wikipedia, the relevance of Wikipedia so far, their level of contribution to English and Igbo Wikipedia as well as their experiences while editing on Wikipedia was recorded and reported herein.

Members’ duration of editing Wikipedia

On such a day when Wikipedia is celebrated, there was need to determine how long some Igbo Wikimedians have been editing on Wikipedia (English and Igbo). It was recorded that a larger percentage have edited or contributed on Wikipedia for less than one year while the least have contributed for three years and above. Indications here shows that there is a significant increase in new Igbo Wikimedians within the last one year.

Level of relevance Wikipedia has been to members

The Wikipedia Day 2023 celebrations opened our eyes to the fact that Wikipedia has been a very relevant project to Igbo Wikimedians. Non-relevance of Wikipedia was at zero percent. Obviously, the relevance of Wikipedia on the Igbo community cannot be over-emphasized.

Contribution to Igbo and English Wikipedia

The impact of local language on the Igbo community was demonstrated from their level of contribution to Igbo Wikipedia. Quite a number of the Igbo Wikimedians contribute more on Igbo Wikipedia. Subsequent feedbacks herein reveals the reasons behind this. However, indications from the chart below also shows that a higher percentage have contributed on both English and Igbo Wikipedia.

Why the interest on Igbo Wikipedia?

With majority of Igbo Wikimedians indicating that they contribute more on Igbo Wikipedia, there was a need to ascertain why the preference. Over fifty members of the community shared their reasons among which are these:

“It is because it’s my language. It gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and language to the world.”

“The fact that one can Edit and write more about our language and our culture. Language visibility is the most thing that interests me to always contribute.”

“As an indigenous language activist, Igbo Wikipedia provides me the leverage to project my indigenous language (Igbo) at the digital space.”

“The fact that I can freely share knowledge and also partake in the sum of knowledge.”

“Am happy to be among Igbo Wikipedia because it’s helps me to learn my mother tongue”

“It’s very much easier as i can contribute with easier as a speaker of Igbo Language”

“Overall it’s just the joy of having Wikipedia in my own language and the opportunity of contributing to global knowledge in my local dialect”

“I love that it makes English articles available in our local language thereby encouraging free knowledge devoid of language barrier.”

“The sharing of knowledge in diverse field of life interests me about Igbo Wikipedia. The preservation of culture is part of it too.”

“What interests me mostly about igbo Wikipedia is the fact that it gives me an opportunity to edit in my local language and it helps me to be more expressive.”

“They friendly nature of the people i met, the way they socialize and how much patient they exercise to educate us, to list but a few.”

“The cooperation of the contributors.”

More responses on this can be seen on the Meta Page.

Why do you like/dislike editing on Igbo Wikipedia?

Notwithstanding the fact that majority of Igbo Wikimedians share positive feedbacks on their interest on Wikipedia editing, there was at least a feedback that reveal few members had issues which makes them reluctant to edit on Wikipedia. One anonymous feedback recorded that there were “Network issues and reference errors” which poses a challenge to Wikipedia editing. Indeed network challenges could be very frustrating while editing. Also noticing reference errors after translating articles could be discouraging.

How has your experience been while editing on Igbo Wikipedia?

It was a field day for Igbo Wikipedia on Wikipedia Day celebration as every Igbo Wikimedian found editing on Igbo Wikipedia an interesting experience. Thank you Wikipedia!

What areas do you think we should improve on the Igbo Wikipedia?

Having extracted reactions from members on their Wikipedia experiences, they pointed out areas where Igbo Wikipedia should be improved upon. Some interesting suggestions (as shown below) were drawn from the responses and will be of importance to editors of Wikipedia.

“Please assign admins who can serve as checkers to articles because 50 percent of the articles on the ig pages were translated,not giving the equivalent of the source language.”

“I don’t think there is any.”

“More translation tools should be added to the Igbo Wikipedia interface to enable translators have varieties of tools to consult while translating contents.”

“Addition of audio templates to Wikipedia. It will help tackle the misprounciation of indigenous names on Igbo Wikipedia.”

“We need more competitions to improve the interactiveness”

“More active Wikimedians. Get more technical hands. Cleaning up edited article”

“I think organizing continuous training so as to imprint in the minds of people how to contribute rightly and correctly.”

“The community is doing very well but given the inflation rate may be it will be fine to increase micro grant”

“I think we should make more information about the Igbo culture more available for people to and stop letting others hijack what’s ours from us.”

“You guys are already doing so well”

“Making accurate edits during contest with the aim of presenting our language well rather than to win prizes.”

“The teaching and learning of the central Igbo. Many translate and edit in their different local dialects. The use of central Igbo in editing and translation should be encouraged just like the one in the translated Igbo bible which everyone is conversant with.”

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Advice for the Igbo Wikipedia admins?

Wikipedia Day 2023 had a good number of Igbo Wikimedians advising their Wikipedia administrators. Recommendations and accolades were also rendered viz:

“They should keep up the good work”

“Let the work continue with the same agility”

“Always appreciate the newbie’s whenever they publish a new article by sending them email or by writing on their talk page. It helped to motivate me back then.”

“I want to appreciate the admins for their effort to make Igbo Wikipedia stand out but will also encourage them to check articles during contest because most editors deviate from the meaning the text try to convey but only translate to win a price. I know it’s can’t be that easy but If there should be a way so as to have the exact meaning in the target language.”

“We should focus on human development. Recruitment and training of new editors so as to be able to keep up with the vast information Wikipedia has to offer.”

“They are doing great and more hands are needed as Admins.”

“Y’all should keep up the good work you’re doing and we’ll keep supporting you guys and together we’ll make the Igbo Wikipedia second to none.”

“Prompt warning in the case of vandalism should be activated.”

“Igbo Wikipedia admins have been awesome/tolerable over the time, I only advice they keep it up.”

“The admins are doing really great,but they should look into the area of unprofessionalism … Yes, everyone can edit on Wikipedia but there should work on how to review people’s work before publication or create a space where professionals can proofread works posted by others before publication.”

“Just encouragement to keep doing what they’re doing. Proud to be a member”

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Igbo Wikimedians drop goodwill message for Wikipedia @22

The highpoint of the Wikipedia Day 2023 celebration for the Igbo Wikimedia community was the pouring in of Goodwill and Birthday messages on Wikipedia. It was quite an interesting collection as expressed below:

Happy birthday to Wikipedia It’s been good working with you guys Many prosperous years ahead From Ngene Blessing

Hurray!!!. A hearty congratulations to Wikipedia @22. Shine on 🎉🎈 Yours Sincerely, Viva

I am Obedmakolo , am so much Interested in the move of the wikimedia world , it’s so much interesting to see another year again as editors and seeing wikimedia moving higher. Let the zeal continue and more to come we see wikimedia become more great again than this. Happy wikimedia day to all.

Frankincense Ifeanyi Diala is wishing Wikipedia a Happy 22 Years of Existence. Keep flourishing like the Cedars of Lebanon and the Olives of Israel.

I’m excited that I can preserve and digitize my language through you. Long live Wikipedia – Tochi Precious

More greater heights and many more things to accomplish (Ramzyshelby)

I love the open concept of Wikipedia. It’s a good experience to read, edit and contribute to knowledge on Wikipedia. There’s always something to be do on Wikipedia…I so much love the Language diversity. Goodness Ignatius.

I really appreciate everyone in the Igbo Wikipedia am happy to be among you all and happy birthday to our Wikipedia May the good God keep us going

Judith is wishing Wikipedia wonderful happy return in Jesus name amen. Happy birthday Wikipedia

I go by the name Lebron jay and I just want to wish Wikipedia a very Happy Birthday. Being a repository of free knowledge made accessible to just anyone is something that’s worthy of being acknowledged and celebrated. Long live Wikipedia!

Long live the Wikimedia foundation, long live Wikipedia. Cheers to more knowledge.

Happy birthday Wikipedia 🔥🔥 More success Momoh Khadijat

Happy 22 years of free knowledge sharing Happy 22 years of impacting lives Happy 22 years of existence More years to celebrate with greater achievements

Happy Wikipedia Day 2023 to the Wikimedian community. Keep up the good work in providing free knowledge to all. Ndewo! From Adaora Obuezie

May God bless the Wikipedia foundation and am wishing Wikipedia more days of celebration…… Mary Ogochukwu

Happy birthday the world wide open source of free knowledge movement. You have impacted many with the free knowledge disposition. Many happy returns to the entire community.

Hello I am Senator Choko, wanna wish Wikipedia a happy birthday and more success and great ideas to the community…

I sincerely wish Wikipedia rapid growth. ( Nelospecial)

More years to becoming the best among many others in this 2023. Abubakar Ibrahim

I celebrate Wikipedia @22 today. It has been an awesome one year experience contributing to Wikipedia in my language, Igbo, and I am willing to do more. More years to celebrate free open knowledge and making the world a better place. Cheers Mbenma Esther

Wikipidia! Oke mbara Na-Enye mmụta, Nghọta, Amamihe na nkuzi ọgbara ọhụụ, Nnabata onye ikwu na onye nta. Mgbasa mmụta n’ụwa niile. Ọnwa zuru ụwa ọnụ. Ị dị afọ iri abụo na abụọ ugbu a. Ka ọgbụgba afọ gị mịta mkpụrụ Ezi mmụta, agamnihu, udo na Mbawanye. Oby Ezeilo

Congratulations to Wikipedia @22 and many more years to Wikipedia.

Bravo to the super community of editors, you guys rock. keep the ball rolling my language elites.

Happy birthday Wikipedia, the Igbo wiki network loves you. We appreciate your choice of including the Igbo language in the media. – Dr. Okafor O.E.

I love Wikipedia and Wikimedia movement. Greater heights and more

Hi wiki, I just wanted to say a very big thank you, for giving me the privilege, exposure and opportunity to learn, edit and meet wonderful people around the world that I can learn from. I really appreciate all the help and enlightenment I have gotten,but most especially for bringing me this opportunity. It means a lot to me. With lots of thanks, Nwonwu Uchechukwu.

Am glad that Wikipedia is growing especially Igbo Wikipedia. I congratulate the Wikipedia family on this Wikipedia day. May God grant us wisdom to do more.

I’ve been involved (as an editor on Wikipedia) for barely 3 months and it’s been amazing- editing and translating articles on Igbo Wikipedia! Thanks for providing the platform to do this! Keep up the good work👍🏼

I’m so happy to be part of this organization that works hard to make information available to everyone for free. Pray that God will reward you all abundantly.

I heartly congratulate the Wikipedia Foundation on its 22nd Anniversary. I Wish the foundation a more fruitful and sustainable years ahead, touching lives in the area of free knowledge depository. With best Regards, Ngoudechi.

Happy Anniversary Wikipedia and many more to come. Cheers

See more Goodwill Messages on the Meta Page

Wikipedia is indeed the source of knowledge for the common man and Igbo Wikimedians Community were proud to be a part of the Wikipedia Day 2023 celebration.

Long Live Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation!

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Thank you so much, Kingsley Nkem for such a detailed post. I couldn’t be prouder of the amazing work and commitment of every single member of the Igbo Wikimedians Community.