Unveiling the Themes of WikiConference India, 2023

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Alchemy & Lore – WCI 2023CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

WikiConference India 2023 (WCI 2023) is a national-level conference that provides a common platform for Wikimedians and stakeholders interested in Indic-language Wikimedia projects and other aspects of the movement in India and a few South Asian regions. This is a space to meet, connect, share stories, learnings, best practices, and challenges, and discuss the future strategy of our region. The conference will take place in Hyderabad from 28 to 30 April 2023. 

This conference is of great importance, interest, and impact on the communities in India as it will bring together the Wikimedia movement from India and other Indic communities from South Asia to improve cross-community connections and exchange knowledge and experience. In the past, WikiConference India was first organized in 2011 in Mumbai and then again in 2016 in Chandigarh. Although the third conference was planned to occur in 2020, it had to be called off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, we are excited to host this year’s conference as we know that conferences play a crucial role in boosting collaboration and strategy and driving progress in the movement. More importantly, it provides a common platform for knowledge sharing.

Our Central and Supporting Themes 

The central theme of WCI 2023 is Strengthening Bonds, which was selected for the conference to highlight the importance of forming and maintaining strong connections between our communities. This theme reflects the belief that a robust support system and cross-learning platforms are essential for collective success. By bringing together community members from different groups, this conference aims to facilitate discussions on fostering and enhancing these critical bonds, ultimately leading to a more connected and supportive movement.

Furthermore, we decided to take the central theme forward by creating specific sub-themes relevant and representative of the region. These themes have been incorporated into our conference logo and will be incorporated into the design of the conference and the attendees’ experience.

India is a land of vibrant colors seen through our culture, biodiversity, regions, and food, similar to our community in the region. One of the most recognized symbols of vibrance is the Peacock, the National Bird of India, known for its cultural, historical, and religious significance and resplendent colors.

One of the conference’s main objectives is to build bonds, collaboration, and a growing sense of unity and togetherness. We have taken the globally recognized Unity symbol to drive this objective forward.

India is undoubtedly a diverse country with one of the largest and youngest populations in the world and several languages, cultures, and traditions. But India is also home to a rich flora and fauna, our biodiversity. Our community works on various projects, languages, technologies, and cultures and is a diverse movement. We have taken the Banyan tree, the National Tree of India, to symbolize our diversity due to its sacred and scientific significance.

We are stronger together: this is one of the main objectives for hosting WCI 2023. To symbolize this, we adopted the Bengal Tiger, the National Animal of India, on our logo as a symbol of the nation, the region and representative of the theme of Strength.

To access the Logo files, please click here.

Have an idea you want to share? We are open to ideas on how to enhance the conference; write them here.

Keep In Touch! If you want to keep in touch with the updates on the conference, you can visit our Meta Page, email us contact@wikiconferenceindia.org  or join our Telegram Channel

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