A unique event in Czechia: Poetry slam for Wikipedia, opening of Czech Wiki Photo exhibiton and more

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Poetry slam for Wikipedia, a debate on free licenses, the opening of the Czech Wiki Photo 2022 exhibition. Such a packed programme awaited those who decided to spend the evening of 13 January 2023 in Charles University’s „Didaktikon“ space. The programme attracted over a hundred spectators and the event was definitely a success.

The programme started with a debate on free licenses

The programme started in the afternoon with a debate on free licenses, to which four experts with expertise directly or indirectly related to the issue of free licenses were invited. The debate offered a reflection on the nature of free licenses, their purpose and the legal questions they raise. The fact that the intended 90-minute debate stretched to two hours, also thanks to questions from the audience, shows that there was much to discuss.

Poetry slam for Wikipedia and education made dozens of spectators laugh

Poetry slam, a performative poetry genre, has enjoyed unprecedented popularity in the Czech Republic in recent years. Considering the fact that two employees of Wikimedia Czech republic are involved in it, and that perhaps the most famous Czech poetry slam performer Anatol Svahilec is a passionate Wikipedian, the connection was clear. After last year’s premiere, we knew that we had to repeat the poetry slam for Wikipedia, and it was not a mistake.

Potopa Basha talked about how easy it is to deviate from the original query when searching the internet. The bronze medalist of the European Poetry Slam Championship, Vašek z Aše, reflected on how to use everything he learned in primary school in everyday life. “Nothing like recaping polyethylene first thing in the morning,” he said. As the winner of the evening, the audience chose Dejv with a poetry slam in which he thinks about what would happen if Czech celebrities looked up their defining topics on Wikipedia. The one and only Anatol Svahilec hosted the whole show and the audience fell in love with his improv slam on Wikipedia.

“I don’t even remember the last time I giggled like that all evening,” Zdeněk Svatoš, a Wikipedian and a graduate of our Seniors Write Wikipedia course, told us after the event.

Czech Wiki Photo 2022 exhibition will be on display until the end of February

We are very pleased that the exhibition was opened by the Rector of Charles University Milena Králíčková, and we officially signed a memorandum on this day to confirm our broader cooperation with the University, about cooperation regarding Students write Wikipedia and more. On the occasion of the exhibition, a member of the Czech Wiki Photo jury, internationally award-winning photographer Edita Bízová, spoke. The results of Czech Wiki Photo 2022 have been officially announced and we can already look forward to the next edition of the competition for the best Czech photo uploaded on Wikimedia Commons. The exhibition will be on display till the end of February in Prague. You can also see the competition’s results online.

PHOTOS: Richard Sekerak (WMCZ), CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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