WIKIMOVE Podcast: Governing Wikipedia

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Matthias Wörle, CC BY-SA 4.0

We are releasing today a new WIKIMOVE podcast on the Governance of Wikipedia, with two experienced volunteers from our Movement: Florence Devouard and Martin Rulsch.

You can find this podcast on our website and share ideas for future topics and guests on our meta page.

What is in this episode?
We talk with two veteran functionaries about the system of governance for Wikipedia and what the challenges are. We learn about IP blocks and notability criteria. We ask provocative questions like… does Movement Strategy make everything worse? Does the system need to change or do the people need to better learn to obey the rules? What can be done to strengthen our community governance and the people holding it up? (Note: this will not be the last conversation we will host on these issues, as other voices should be surfaced too)

Our guests are…

  • Florence Devouard, co-executive Director of Wiki in Africa, former Steward and WMF Chair, active Wikipedian since 2002
  • Martin Rulsch, Wikimedia Steward (volunteer) and project manager at Wikimedia Deutschland (employee), active Wikimedian since 2004

We hope you enjoy this episode!


Nicole, Nikki, Eva

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