One student, one plane and thirty-seven photos in Wikimedia Commons

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Since 2020, Wikimedia Polska has been implementing the long-term Wikiszkoła program (eng. Wiki-school), which aims to recommend Wikipedia ideas and tools as well as sister projects to teachers and students. As part of the program, various activities and projects are developed, such as Wikiteka, Wiki University or the Student Fund.

There are projects that take your breath away. The idea of ​​Wiktor Pawuska and his teacher, Anna Kosobudzka, is one of them. Wiktor is a licensed pilot and a student of the Vocational and Continuing Education Center in Jaworzno, and together with his teacher Anna Kosobudzka, as part of the Wikimedia Polska Student Fund, they prepared a project entitled “Landing on the screen with Wikipedia”, consisting in taking photos of Jaworzno and the surrounding area from a bird’s eye view, and placing the photos taken in Wikimedia Commons resources, and then illustrating selected entries with new files under free licenses.

Wiktor and Mrs. Kosobudzka, who is also a participant in our Wikiteka project aimed at school libraries and implemented by the Wikimedia Polska Education Team, underwent training on Wikipedia editing conducted by Wioletta Matusiak and Klara Sielicka-Baryłka, managers at Wikimedia Polska. For the students of Wiktor’s school we also organized a meeting about Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons led by our employee and by Wiktor himself.

It is not the end! In cooperation with the Municipal Public Library in Jaworzno and the Promotion Office of the City of Jaworzno, an exhibition of photos was created – together with QR codes, it attracted the attention of visitors for several weeks.

We also participated in the finissage of this extraordinary exhibition. And we invite you to see the photos on Wikimedia Commons:


The partners of the project were: the Center for Vocational and Continuing Education in Jaworzno, the AIR4 Pilot School in Gliwice, Wikimedia Polska and the Municipal Public Library in Jaworzno and the Promotion Office of the City of Jaworzno.

The activity was carried out as part of the Student Fund, implemented since 2022 by the Wikimedia Polska Education Team.

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