Wikimedia Polska has a new 3-year strategy!

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From the beginning of 2023, Wikimedia Poland has been implementing a new 3-year strategy. Its main assumption is defined in the preamble: 

The foundation of our activity is the Wikimedia community. We support and integrate Wikimedians. We widen the pools of free knowledge and make them more accessible.”

The strategy consists of 7 strategic goals that will guide the association in 2023-2025 and around which annual plans are created. These statements represent our vision – in 2026 we would like to say that:

  • We are an efficient organization with stable financial support.
  • Wikimedia projects are a recognised source of knowledge and information.
  • We are developing our R&D area so that we may collect and use knowledge about Wikimedia projects.
  • We form a friendly work and collaboration environment for our members, volunteers, staff members, and partners.
  • With efficiency, we popularize the knowledge and recognition of Wikimedia brands, internally and externally.
  • We are one of the leaders of the global Wikimedia movement, actively influencing its development.
  • We are open and accessible. We lower the participation barriers on Wikimedia projects and in accessing free knowledge.

The entire document in Polish: Plik:Strategia Wikimedia Polska na lata 2023–2025.pdf – Wikimedia Polska

And in English: File:Wikimedia Polska (WMPL) Strategy 2023-2025 ENG.pdf – Wikimedia Commons

The preparation of the strategy was a long and intensive process involving various stakeholders: employees, the Management Board, members of the Association and the community. Prior to the planning meeting, a team of employees and the Management Board analyzed a number of documents and data, including conclusions from the 2022 Membership Dialogue and suggestions from membership surveys.

The meeting took place at the beginning of December 2022 in a small town near the capital. The idea was for the team to be able to fully focus on working on the strategy and integrate at the same time. The meeting was moderated by the General Director, Natalia Ćwik, in cooperation with Wioletta Matusiak, Training and Development Manager. Natalia took care of organizing conceptual work, while Wioletta led integration workshops and part of the meeting devoted to discussing our team values.

Maria Weronika KmochWikimedia Polska meeting 2022 33CC BY-SA 4.0

Maria Weronika KmochWikimedia Polska meeting 2022 21CC BY-SA 4.0

One of the most engaging exercises during the meeting was a competition for NGOs: the employees and management were divided into two groups. The first group was tasked with preparing a justification for awarding WMPL with the award for the Best Non-Governmental Organization in 2026. The second group had to write a speech for the award ceremony. The exercise helped us understand what standard we want to strive for and what resources we need to achieve it, and at the same time it was an opportunity for integration, laughter and … polishing our acting skills.

Maria Weronika KmochWikimedia Polska meeting 2022 19CC BY-SA 4.0

Maria Weronika KmochWikimedia Polska meeting 2022 20CC BY-SA 4.0

The strategy, together with the annual plan, were presented to the members of the Association during the general meeting in February this year and approved by them by voting.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Wikimedia Polska Team

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