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Wiki Sound Audio Speaks Campaign is an international Wikimedia campaign across all Wikimedia Sister Projects and Language Wikipedias, focusing on massive contribution of audio files worth encyclopedic for ease free knowledge sharing. This campaign is designed to provide free knowledgeable audio files of different languages into Wikimedia Commons and to be linked in different Language Wikis, as well as to increase the number of audio files in Wikimedia Commons and making use of those audio files in various Wikimedia projects especially language projects like (Wikipedias and Wikitionaries). Almost all Wikimedia pages needs audio files of different content, some pages needs local language pronunciation, oral explanation and different sounds in articles, this is to help readers and knowledge seekers to understand how the word/article/language is spoken natively and accurately.

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Some pages in every wiki are local or native of another language, for instance name like the old Hausa language Nobel known as Magana Jari Ce exist in English Wikipedia written by Abubakar Imam, the article of such book needs audio pronunciation been a Hausa word, the entire name of the article is a Hausa group words that form a sentence, so pronunciation of such book is needed.


Furthermore, any word in every language Wikitionary require audio pronunciation for better understanding of words and their pronunciation natively, accent of native speakers are extremely important to pass knowledge accurately, it is needed to pass authentic pronunciation to second language speakers and to those that are learning that language as second.

Different audios are required for this very mega campaign, part of which can be find here. Lastly, this campaign is designed for interested Wikimedians to take part in promoting audio and sound Wikimedia activities in Wikimedia Commons and in Wikimedia projects towards 2030 to take Wikimedia Pages to the miles stone. There are several areas of participation and mentoring in this campaign, join the most comfortable area of your choice, either by becoming ambassador/mentor of your local language, User Group, event coordinator or technical support team.

The campaign was initiated by two Wikimedians, with the conceptual ideas of promoting audio files as stated above. Furthermore, improving editors technical experience in recording and conversion, uploading audio files, team working to document oral languages, vocal sounds, drum beating, festival music, religious recitation, words accent pronounciation and what have you, see the list of audio files to upload for this mega project towards 2030. Having mentors/participants of audio files is also part of greatest activities that will rapidly increase the progress of this campaign, as such, the Campaign was introduce to engage and welcome all Wikimedians into the vast voluntary contribution of Audio Files in Wikimedia Commons, and to be making use of them worth encyclopedic, the campaign set plans to take everyone along from different User Groups and local languages Wikis.

Audio Workshop that first initiated the idea of the Campaign
  • The Campaign was established on 22nd June, 2020 by Anasskoko and Musa Vacho77 as a result of Co-founding Nigerian Commons Photographers User Group with the ideas of contributing with photos, audio and Videos in Nigeria.
  • The changes that this campaign wanted to see is to make audio more useful for the readers in Wikitionary and language Wikis.
  • With the idea of producing/uploading large number of audio files in Wikimedia Commons.
  • and more efficient use of audio files in Local language Wikis.
  • Collaboration/team work and division of labor by having participants and mentors of audio files in different activities upon audio files.

Strategic Plans

The first move is to start by making general promotional campaign and awareness across all Wikimedia Projects about WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign and the importance of audio files in Wikimedia Movement at large, it is through this campaign editors will show interest in participating by learning and teaching other editors what audio files is all about. Through this, the campaign will get to have mentors and local Language Organizers that will be part of team of WikiSound audio Speaks Campaign, and that will surely be the foundation to start laying the activities. It is part of the plan to have two mentors/local Language Organizers from every Wikimedia Community that are native of that language, the Mentors/local Organizers will volunteer in couching editors, enrollments of audio editors and engaging existing editors from their Community and other community. Part of the plan is to be having WikiSound audio event (workshops and Edith-a-thon), as well as organizing International Contest and local contest on Audio files, just like how Wiki Loves Africa is contributing with huge number of photos and images, we do believe that audio files will over take the number of images before 2030. Furthermore, mentors and Organizers are encourage to apply for rapid funding applications in carrying out these great mission. Below are some of the plans in summary;

  • Make international awareness across all Wikimedia Projects.
  • Admit two mentors/organizers from each Wikimedia Community.
  • Call for application for Wikimedia Foundation’s funding request for local events to Progression.
  • Organizing local Meet-ups and international Meet-ups on Audio files.
  • Mentoring Wikimedians and editors on the activities of audio files.
  • Organizing contest (international and local) for encouragement.
  • Creating tools and application that will help in doing the task of audio files.
  • Collaboration with Individuals, Groups and User Groups to achieve oral language documentation base on each their mandates.
  • Organizing workshops, edit-a-thon and seminar on audio files in Wikimedia Commons.
  • Creating video tutorials on audio files for better experience and understanding.
Co – founders of WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign

Aim and Objectives

This campaign aim to develop any activities, task, on-Wiki and Off-Wiki related activities that will bring development on Audio files, below are some of the objectives which we plan to achieve before the end of the year 2030, the aim and the objectives are limited for now, and it will be expanded as time permit, also, it can be readjust or increase depending on the progress on board, and how Wikimedians show their interest in participating to achieve such goals, it is believed that some of the below mention objectives can only be achieved unless with the availability of team working and diversity.

  • Promotional Campaign and Awareness on Audio Files in Wikimedia Commons towards Wikimedia Projects.
  • To let Wikimedians acquire conceptual skills and technical experience of uploading audio files into Wikimedia Commons.
  • Engaging newly editors and users without the experience of uploading audio files into Wikimedia Commons, with respect to making use of those audio files to be worth encyclopedic into various Wikimedia projects and local language Wikis.
  • .The campaign plans to achieve many goals, part of which to upload 1,000,000,000 audio files before the end of 2030 in different languages.
  • To Enhance Wikimedians to the activities of audio files in Wikimedia Commons.
  • To have large number of editors contributing with Audio Files of different varieties.
  • To mentor editors on how to record, equalize, convert and upload audio files.
  • To have 1,000,000,000 audio files before 2030 through……

Call for Participation

The development and progression of WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign depends pure on voluntary activities from editors, having several classification and areas of activities that require technical set of skills to have a progressive goals in terms of improving audio files in Wikimedia Projects by different communities, contributors and project coordinator. Help to bridge the gap of audio files base on the following choice of yours:-

  • Mentorship: Coach users and inexperience editors learn how to carry out the basics recording skills, conversion and uploading audio files into Wikimedia Commons, through workshops, edit-a-thon, seminar, contest or other means.
  • Wikidata: guidelines on how to create or link audio files, mentoring to learn more task of audio files in Wikidata.
  • Wikitionaries and Wikipedias: Wikimedia Pages Wanting Audios (WPWA), help to provide or link audio files.
  • Media Wiki: Wikimedia related projects of creating application software’s and tools that will help users in carrying different activities and task that will ease multitask of audio files in Wikimedia eco system, both in Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Wikipedias and Wikitionaries.
  • Video Tutorials: creating video tutorials teaching different technical skills, editing features, how to use tools and applications, when to use them and other means of audio task that is learning is required.
  • Ambassadors/Mentors; become one of the above in your local language/ User Group/ Organization or in another audio field. Sign Up you Username here WikiSound Mentors, make sure to contact the administrators of this campaign and make sure you have the technical skills towards the field you want to become a Mentor/Ambassador.

Contact/Join Us

  • WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign Talk page – on-wiki conversation.
  • – Send Us message via email.
  • Mailing List: Subscribe to our mailing list
  • WikiSound_Wikimedians_User_Group – Upcoming Wikimedia affiliate organization for WikiSound.
  • Wikimedia Commons Discussion page……..
  • General HashTaGGING (hashtag #wikisoundas)

Social Media Handles

  • On Facebook in WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign
  • On Instagram @WikisoundAS
  • On Twitter @WikisoundAS
  • On WhatsApp Join via this link WikiSound Audio Speaks
  • All Wikimedia projects + Local languages & General Discussion Room– Telegram

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