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Wikimedia Pages Wanting Audios is a sub campaign under WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign, an international Wikimedia Campaign that seek to improve Wikimedia Pages and Wikimedia movements at large through the activities of providing audio files into Wikimedia Commons and make use of it by linking the audio files to relavant Wikimedia pages worth encyclopedic either in Wikipedia, Wikitionaries or any other Wikimedia projects across Wikimedia.

Wikimedia Pages Wanting Audios is an international contest that helps to promote the tasks and activities related to audio files in terms of uploading and linking, to give prizes and certifications to the experience Wikimedians that helps in bridging the gap of audio files in Wikimedia movements when they upload and link audio files to relevant Wikimedia pages where so ever in Wikimedia.

We rest assured you that by participating in this contest or in the campaign of WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign you will get adequate experience and specializing on audio activities which will make you win prizes and obtain certificates that can be use where so ever around the world.


To start participating in this contest, it is extremely important to read and understand the provided instruction and rules of the contest, failure to do so will result in your disqualification or invalidity of any contribution you have made not in accordance to the laid down instructions and rules.

  1. You most be a register user click here to register
  2. You must log in in to Wikimedia with your accounts to help us track your contributions.
  3. Search for audio files in Wikimedia Commons here Search
  4. You must start from 5th – April, 2023 to 5th – June, 2023. excluding Igbo Community that have started from February to March.
  5. You must include your audio files in the category WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign below. [ Category:Wikimedia_Pages_Wanting_Audios_2023 ]
  6. You must use the hashtag #WPWAWSASC in edit summary when linking audio file to a page in any Wikimedia page, once you include it in the edit summary it will keep on appearing for usage.
  7. You must add you name here on the participants list Wikimedia Pages Wanting Audios/Participants
  8. Make sure you follow the Wikimedia guidelines for linking audio files in Wikipedia, Wikitionary, Wikidata or any relevant Wikimedia Sister Projects, here and here
  9. Make sure you have join the local and international contest dashboard here to help the jurist track your audio uploads contribution when the contest is over.
  10. Make sure you are using this hashtag to help the jurist track your linking contributions in other Wikimedia Sister projects apart from Wikimedia Commons like Wikitionary, Wikipedia or Wikiqoute.
  11. Ensure you register with your local event dashboard or contact your community mentor for directory. 

Technical Process of Participation

The following are the technical procedures on how you can record, convert, upload and link audio files to relevant Wikimedia Sister projects.

Recording Audio Files:To record audio file you can use the available device our tool you have in your possession like Mobile phone, Personal Computer, Recording devices and studio equipment, through Wiki you can use Lingua Libre or Spell4Wiki tools to record and upload directly. Through Personal computer you can use Audacity or any suitable application software of yours to record, convert and upload, you can watch video tutorials here to see how recording, conversion and uploading is carried out using Mobile phones, PC or using Wikimedia tools.

Converting Audio Files to upload audio files make sure you are conversant with the Wikimedia commons Licensing and copyright policy and guidelines. To upload you first need to convert the audio files to the Wikimedia Commons repository accepted file’s extension format, that’s to correspond with the free license file extension for audio files which is either i.e WikiSound.aac Advanced Audio Coding or i.e WikiSound.ogg which is ogging, or i.e WikiSound.flac which is Free lossless Audio Codec, or you use wav or i.e WikiSound.Wav, these four audio file extensions formats are accepted worth for inclusion in Wikimedia Commons to Wikimedia Sister projects. The next step is to access the Upload Wizard through this Upload Wizard, you can finf Video tutorials on how to use the Upload Wizard here.

Before a file can be used, it must be uploaded to either Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Commons sister project. Uploading to Commons is recommended as files can be used by other sister projects. Files being used under fair use provisions must be stored on Wikipedia. The markup is the same regardless of where it is uploaded.

The following sound formats may be uploaded:

  • ogg/oga – recommended.
  • wav
  • flac
  • mid
  • aac
  • NOTE THAT: any audio file with the file extension format likes this WikiSound.mp3 is not accepted in Wikimedia Commons unless you will provide further information on the release rights or to the domain of the file, or you will seek for autopatrol in the help desk. when uploading any mp3 file through the upload Wizard this will be displayed ” MP3 uploads have been disabled by default, due to concerns about copyright. If you have read and understand our licensing policy and our project scope, you may request permission at Commons:Requests for rights#Autopatrol.

In case you aren’t sure if your upload is constructive, it’s best to ask for help at the help desk.” make sure to be very careful to follow the laid down rules for any mp3 upload into Wikimedia Commons.Uploading Audio Files

To upload audio files after you have converted them to the suitable file extension format as mention in appendix 2.0, you need to log into website, access the Upload Wizard by clicking on the Upload icon by your right hand side at top, or by your left hand side if you are using Desktop view, mobile view will show you the upload icon immediately when you logged into the website, or you can access it by clicking this link here. After you have accessed the upload Wizard, click on select media files to share that is displayed in blue in your screen interface, the upload wizard will automatically access you file manager to allow you access the saved directory folder, select the media files not exceeding 50 files at a time, as upload wizard does not allow upload more than 50 files at a time. The files will be processed and will ask for release right specify own work or not own work to provide more information, after that select the release license Atrribution share alike and provide captions/description to all the selected files, don’t forget to use the category Category:WikiSound_Audio_Speaks_Campaign_Video_Tutorial, when done click on upload to upload the files. For visual and realistic learning click on this link to watch video tutorials on how to do that in perfection.

Linking Audio Files

The to link audio files use the following Wiki Code text below

  • {{Audio|Ha-Magana Jari Ce.wav|Magana Jari Ce}}
Allura 03.png
  • {{audio|en|en-us-future.ogg|Audio (US)}}
Allura 02.png

The above are using template you can use a link to provide the linking

  • [[File:Ha-Hausa4.ogg|thumb|”’Example 3 Hausa pronunciation”’]]
Allura 01.png


Example 3 Hausa pronunciation

You can watch and learn the whole of the above procedures via video tutorials for better understanding, find the attach video tutorials on Wikimedia Commons through this category link here Category:WikiSound_Audio_Speaks_Campaign_Video_Tutorial, or click on the video tutorial page for Wikimedia Pages Wanting Audios here Wikimedia Pages Wanting Audios/Tutorials in English language.


Normally, sound files are presented on Wikipedia pages using the Template:Listen or its related templates.

This is an example, displaying common usage:Accordion chords0:12(help | download | file info){{listen |filename=Accordion chords-01.ogg |title=Accordion chords |description=Chords being played on an accordion }}

  • AND

[[File:Accordion chords-01.ogg|233px]] 0:12


The Audio files has to be uploaded and linked between 1st April – June 5th, 2023.

There is no restriction on the number of files one can upload. Note that, there is strict restriction on repeating the same audio in page. Make sure you do not include too much audios in Wikimedia pages. Add only single audio to a page needing audio.

All audio files uploaded has to be under free use license or as public domain. The possible licenses are CC-BY-SA 4.0, CC-BY 4.0, CC0 1.0. see here for license in Wikimedia Commons

Participants must be a registered user on any Wikimedia project. Sign in or Create a new account on Wikipedia (You can create an account on any language Wikipedia, for use in your own WP and on all Wikimedia projects). The list of all languages of Wikipedia can be found here.

Audios that are not related to pages are strictly not accepted.The audio caption and description has to be absolutely clear to the page which the audio was included.All audios additions must include a caption that describes what the audio is all about.Audios should be placed in the right position either in the beginning of a Wiktionary page, see here, or where pronunciation lies see here.It advised and encouraged not add audios to Language pages you do not speak fluently. It is agreed that repeatedly and captionless audiosq, or audios that are irrelevant, and other Wikimedia policy breeching is automatically a disqualified.

Participants must include the below hashtag #WPWAWSASC in the Edit summary of all pages improved with audios, also with a description in the edit summary, for instance “Adding word pronunciation” ##WPWAWSASC. .

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