OFWA and Goethe Institute Host Wiki Skills For Librarians Workshop-Ghana

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It is true that Librarians are no strangers to the endless search for reliable and credible sources of information. And let’s be honest, Wikipedia has not always been at the top of its list of trustworthy sources for Librarians. But during this workshop, we busted that myth and discovered the amazing world of Wikipedia and it’s sister projects!

The 2-day workshop was not only informative but also incredibly fun and interactive. Participants learned how to edit Wikipedia, Wiki quote, Wikidata and also use SPARQL Query which definitely comes in handy when conducting research. But the most exciting part was learning how to contribute to Wikidata. The librarians discovered that they don’t have to be passive consumers of information, but they can actually be active contributors and ambassadors of the Wikimedia project.

One of the highlights of the workshop was learning how to add books and their own institution to Wikidata as well as updating content on Wikidata Items. They were amazed by the visibility their libraries can gain by having a presence on Wikipedia and its sister projects. They also learned how to properly catalog resources on Wikidata using categories, which will help to improve how users search for information on the platform.

But it wasn’t just all work and no play. We got to play Wikidata games, which were not only entertaining but also educational. It was a great way to learn about different Wiki projects and test our knowledge about them.

And let’s not forget about the amazing people who attended the workshop, sharing their experience and how wikimedia projects can improve their work as librarians. It was inspiring to see how passionate and dedicated everyone was in championing the cause of Wikimedia. Making participants feel like they were part of a great community of amazing people was the best takeaway from the workshop.

The Wiki Skills for Librarians Workshop which was organized by Open Foundation West Africa and the Goethe Institute, with the support of AFLIA brought together librarians representatives from various institutions in Ghana such as Akenten Appiah Menkah  University Skills Training and Entrepreneurial  Development, Cape Coast Technical University, GHANA EDUCATION SERVICE, Ghana Library Authority, HERITAGE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE LIBRARY, Takoradi Technical University, University of Health Allied Sciences LIBRARY, University of Education Winneba, University of Ghana Library System.

Some of the encouraging comments the librarians shared after the workshop included;

My ability to put my institution on Wikipedia


My ability to contribute to wiki data projects .and use tools to also contribute as well


I think it’s a great and nice experience since I did not have much knowledge of Wikipedia and more of the myth about it has now been cleared.


Knowing that I don’t only have to take information but can also contribute and in so doing help others know more about the African Continent.

Niru Le Roy

It has been an eye-opening two-day event where I met dedicated people helping to champion the course of Wikimedia. I knew everyone could edit Wikimedia but through this workshop, I have lived it. In that, I now see the need more than ever to be a contributor to this campaign. I will be more than grateful to be a part of this great community of amazing people.

Koo Manu

Overall, the Wiki Skills for Librarians Workshop was an eye-opening experience that left participants feeling empowered and excited to contribute to Wikimedia projects. It was a perfect blend of learning and sharing, and we can’t wait to see the amazing contributions and value these librarians add to the Wikimedia project and share their newfound knowledge with other librarians and users. 


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