University of Education Gurene students host translation session on environmental articles

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Gurene Wikimedians at the University of Education [Ajumako campus] hosted a translation session on environmentally-related articles.

The meeting held in two sessions thus 7th April, 2023 in the Central Region of Ghana and 10th of April, 2023 at Bolgatanga Social Center in the Upper East Region of Ghana. In total, over 30 participants participated.

At the Ajumako campus of the University of Education in Ghana, the participants comprised 19 Gurene-learning students, 3 Dagaare-major students and two facilitators from the community.

Bolgatanga Social Centre hosted over 10 participants excluding with its trainer as Akakiiri [Wiki Username].

This offered opportunity for the community to create new Gurene words for environmentally related words and terms such as climate change, temperature, carbon, green energy, fossil fuel, etc.

Some new students at the level 100 who are majoring in Gurene language joined the meet-up.

These new members were oriented and offered resources to help them effectively contribute to Wikipedia and its sister projects.

This offered the opportunity to have a physical training for members on the new platform since its inception.

The ‘older’ Wikipedian’s gladly mentored these young folks fostering knowledge sharing, unity, and communalism.

The meeting was facilitated by Kolog Savlen Yensoŋerɛ with user name: Elisave1, Atubiga Matthew with the username: Atubigabia, and Lawrencia Asaadare Awinsongya with the username: Rain Crown.

At the Bolgatanga Social Centre, Username: Akakiiri led the training on editing on climate change. Read more about the program here


The writer, Daniel Abugre Anyorigya with Wiki Username: Uprising Man is a co-lead of the Gurene Wikimedia Community.

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