Celtic Knot Convergence: Embracing Tradition at the Kwara State Local Meet-up 2023

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The Celtic Knot Conference Kwara local meetup 2023, supported by Wikimedia United Kingdom, brought together Wikimedians in Kwara State and its environs to promote and preserve minority and marginalized languages on Wikimedia projects. The meetup focused on eliminating language barriers and increasing the visibility of indigenous knowledge on Wikipedia and its sister’s project. Let’s take a closer look at the goals, activities, and outcomes of this exciting event.


The meetup had several key goals in mind to empower participants and promote Nigerian culture and languages. These goals included:

  1. Recruitment and publicity about Nigerian local Languages and culture; Creating awareness about Nigerian languages and local culture by recruiting 10 new editors and 35 existing editors using different promotional materials whilst making 500+ edits on both Wikipedia, Wikicommons, and Wikidata.
  2. Wikipedia: Teaching participants how to access and create a Wikipedia account, introducing them to project tools on Wikipedia, and conducting practical hands-on sessions on translating English Wikipedia articles into the Yoruba Language. Additionally, discussions were held to address the specific challenges faced by language communities, focusing on improving articles related to Nigerian cultures, tribes, local foods, and traditional wear.
  3. Wikidata: Introducing participants to Wikidata and its project tools, conducting practical sessions on translating Wikidata Lexemes to the Yoruba Language, and emphasizing the importance of translating labels on Wikidata. The participants were encouraged to create items about Nigerian culture, tribes, local foods, and traditions.
  4. WikiCommons: Encouraging participants to contribute by uploading pictures of traditional Nigerian food and adding them to Wikipedia articles. Additionally, they were taught how to add images to Wikidata items, further enriching the cultural representation of Wikimedia projects.


The meetup encompassed both online and physical training sessions to cater to a wider audience and facilitate hands-on learning. Here’s a breakdown of the activities that took place:

  1. Online Training: On February 4th, 2023, an online onboarding and training session was conducted. During this session, participants learned how to create their Wikipedia accounts, add Wiki links and citations to articles, and translate Wikipedia articles to their local language. The session was recorded for future reference.
  2. Physical Training: On February 9th, 2023, the physical training took place at the Ghalib Chambers Law Library in Kwara State. Participants received training on creating Wikidata items, translating them into their local languages, and gaining a deeper understanding of the Wikimedia ecosystem. Photos taken during the physical event captured the enthusiasm and engagement of the attendees.

How It Was Achieved:

To ensure maximum participation and engagement, the organizers implemented several strategies:

  1. Clear Guidance: A list of articles and items was provided to the participants, enabling them to easily identify areas where their contributions were needed. Additionally, one-on-one training sessions were conducted to provide individualized guidance and support.
  2. Publicity and Awareness: The event was promoted through e-posters and various Wikimedia communities, generating interest and attracting a larger number of participants. Social media platforms played a crucial role in spreading the word and creating awareness.
  3. Ongoing Communication: Weekly updates about the campaign were shared with the participants through a dedicated WhatsApp group. This regular communication kept the participants informed and motivated throughout the preparation phase.
  4. Personalized Support: Each participant was followed up with individually to ensure they had created their accounts, set up their user pages, and joined the event dashboard before the physical training session. This personalized support helped participants overcome any technical or logistical hurdles they might have encountered.


The Celtic Knot Conference Kwara Local Meetup 2023 resulted in significant outcomes that exceeded our expectations.

  • We organized two highly successful events, comprising an online event and a physical gathering held at Ghalib House in Ilorin, Kwara State. The dual-format approach allowed us to reach a wider audience and accommodate the diverse preferences of participants.
  • One of the most notable achievements of the meetup was the impressive turnout of 45 participants. The increased participation can be attributed to the extensive publicity efforts carried out across various departments and on social media platforms. By leveraging these channels, we effectively spread the word about the event, capturing the interest and enthusiasm of individuals passionate about indigenous languages and cultural preservation.
  • During the Celtic Knot Conference Kwara Local Meetup 2023, the participants made a substantial impact by contributing over 500 edits on both Wikipedia and Wikidata. These edits encompassed the translation of articles and items, allowing for the dissemination of knowledge in local languages. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the participants in bridging language barriers and elevating the visibility of minority and marginalized languages on the Wikimedia projects.

For more detailed information and a comprehensive overview of the participants’ contributions, we encourage you to explore the outreach dashboard. It provides a detailed breakdown of the edits made, highlighting the transformative impact of the meetup in advancing the cause of language diversity and indigenous knowledge preservation.

The outcomes achieved through the Celtic Knot Conference Kwara Local Meetup 2023 demonstrate the profound impact that focused initiatives can have on promoting cultural heritage and inclusivity. By engaging a diverse group of participants and empowering them with the necessary skills and tools, we were able to foster a collaborative environment that celebrated Nigerian languages and traditions. The meetup served as a catalyst for change, inspiring the creation of culturally relevant content and enriching the representation of indigenous knowledge online.

We are immensely proud of the outcomes achieved and extend our gratitude to Wikimedia UK for their invaluable support. The success of this event sets a strong precedent for future endeavours aimed at preserving and promoting cultural diversity on digital platforms. Together, we can continue to make strides in breaking down barriers and ensuring the visibility and recognition of marginalized languages and cultures worldwide

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