Growth team newsletter #26

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Welcome to the twenty-sixth newsletter from the Growth team

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One million Suggested Edits

We passed the 1 million Suggested edits milestone in late April!

  • The Suggested edits feature (AKA Newcomer tasks) increases newcomer activation by ~12%, which flows on through to increased retention. (source)
  • Suggested edits increase the number of edits newcomers complete in their first two weeks and have a relatively low revert rate. (source)
  • Suggested edits are available on all Wikipedia language editions.
  • Newer Suggested edits, like Add a link and Add an image, aren’t yet deployed to all wikis, but these structured tasks further increase the probability that newcomers will make their first edit. (source)

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement aims to encourage newcomers who have visited our homepage and tried Growth features to keep editing.

  • The new Impact module was released to Growth pilot wikis in December 2022, and we are now scaling the feature to another ten wikis. [1]
  • The Leveling up features are deployed at our pilot wikis.
  • The Personalized praise features were deployed at our pilot wikis on May 24. Mentors at pilot wikis will start to receive notifications weekly when they have “praise-worthy” mentees. Mentors can configure their notification preferences or disable these notifications.

Add an image

Other updates

What’s next for Growth?

  • We shared an overview of Growth annual planning ideas, and have started community discussion about these potential projects. We would love to hear your feedback on these ideas!

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