Iberoconf 2023, Colombia as a territory of peace

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Iberoconf 2023 was held from February 24-26, 2023 in Bogota, Colombia. On this occasion, thirty-six (36) representatives of twenty-four (24) emerging groups, user groups and chapters from Latin America, Ibero-America and the Caribbean; eight (8) members of the Wikimedia Foundation team, the CEO Maryana Iskander and two (2) members of the Board of trustees of WMF; as well as ten (10) volunteers from Wikimedia Colombia who supported the logistical, methodological and thematic development of the event. This version of the conference was organized by Wikimedia Colombia, with the leadership of the board of trustees and assembly of associates, and the support of the Wikimedia Colombia staff and the team of facilitators and communicators.

Iberoconf 2023 Bogota, Colombia, territory of peace, had two very important factors that positioned it as one of the most important versions since the event has been held. The first was that after more than four years without meeting, we were able to do so and have regional discussions on the 2030 Strategy, hubs, governance, activities and everything we can do together and together. And the second was that it showed us the great challenges we face as a regional network, especially in the framework of the implementation of the 2030 strategy, our governance model and the construction of an inclusive and representative space for the communities that make it up. In this sense, Iberoconf 2023 was above all a space to rethink the future of the region in the Wikimedia Movement.

All this work was aligned with the effort made during the last two years in Wikimedia Colombia, where we have carried out a process of reformulation of the chapter and the community, which has allowed us to rethink our vision, position and objectives within the Wikimedia Movement. This planning also put at the center of our projects, activities and programs the issue of peace, as a necessity, commitment and desire of Colombia.

Iberoconf 2023 as a space for regional cooperation

Beyond this, Iberoconf 2023 was presented as a regional cooperation event from the planning phase, where we actively involved communities that founded and consolidated the cooperation network -Iberocoop-, but also communities, chapters and emerging groups of the Wikimedia movement. This relationship seeks to increase the sustainability of the movement and for Wikimedia to become the essential infrastructure of the free knowledge ecosystem.

 It was a community event that brought together twenty-four chapters, user and emerging groups from Latin America and Ibero-America. This report gives an account of all the planning, learnings and also reflections that the organization of the conference leaves for Wikimedia Colombia. For this reason, this resource can be used by people interested in the organization of community events within the Wikimedia movement, it is also an effort to build memory within the movement, and accounts for the contribution that Wikimedia Colombia wants to make to the Wikimedia movement of the future. For accessibility reasons we have designed the Spanish version and the English version.

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