Map Up, Rise Up: WikiWomenCamp 2023 Announcement

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The WikiWomenCamp (#wikiwomencamp) is back after a hiatus of 6 years! The third iteration of the WikiWomenCamp will be hosted in New Delhi, India, in October 2023. 

An exciting and transformative camp awaits for women from diverse backgrounds who seek personal and community development. The camp will focus on fostering growth, leadership, and connection. 

The WikiWomenCamp promises to be a transformative journey, providing a supportive environment for personal and professional growth. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from inspiring speakers, and develop new skills that will empower them to make a positive impact within their communities. 

The blog post shares few details of the camp. Further details will be shared as and when the time comes.


The theme of WikiWomenCamp 2023 is “Map Up, Rise Up”. The theme is suggestive of the need for women to map out their goals, aspirations, and challenges, and then rise up to overcome them. The intention is particularly relevant for women who experience inequality, discrimination, and other societal barriers in the movement.

The theme of “Map Up, Rise Up” is expected to help us design a plan of action to ensure better gender representation, support, and outcome. It highlights the importance of networking, mentorship, and collaboration among women. 

Overall, it serves as a powerful call to action for women to take charge of their role within the movement and pursue their plans with confidence and determination.

Scholarship Application

The scholarship application form will remain active from 13 June until 4 July 2023 Anywhere on Earth. The application period allows ample time for interested participants to prepare and articulate their aspirations for attending WikiWomenCamp. 

The application form is available online, ensuring accessibility and ease of submission for all potential applicants.

  • Scholarship Decisions

Following the conclusion of the scholarship application period, the organizers will review each application diligently. The decision-making process will begin early July and results will be announced late-July. 

The timeline ensures a thorough evaluation of all applications, guaranteeing a fair and transparent selection process. Successful scholarship recipients will be promptly notified, enabling them to plan their participation well in advance.

  • Travel Bookings

Post the announcement of scholarship recipients, the organizers will facilitate the necessary travel bookings from July to August. 

Whether it entails domestic or international travel, the organizers will provide guidance and support to ensure a seamless and hassle-free journey for all attendees.

Note: The scholarship application form is built with Google Forms. We initially attempted to use LimeSurvey, but encountered technical challenges that delayed the announcement of Scholarships. We apologize for any inconvenience and assure that your data will be handled securely. Thank you for your understanding.

Program Announcement and Participant Preparation

With an intention to ensure effective implementation and maximize program impact, the program of the WikiWomen Camp is split into two cohorts – Strategy and Capacity Building.

The two cohorts will allow for a focused and comprehensive approach. The Strategy cohort will emphasize on vision, planning, and stakeholder engagement, while the Capacity Building cohort will focus on enhancing skills, resources, and sustainability. 

Hence, the Scholarship seats are split accordingly: 25 seats are reserved for Strategy while 35 for Capacity Building cohort. While newcomers are encouraged to apply for the Capacity Building cohort, experience and engagement in strategic process or discussions is a baseline expectation for the Strategy cohort. As the camp date approaches, participants can anticipate receiving detailed information about the program. 

In mid-September, the organizers will share the final program schedule, detailing the workshops, speakers, and activities that participants can expect during their stay at the camp. This early disclosure enables attendees to mentally prepare and eagerly anticipate the enriching experiences that await them. 

Participants will also receive comprehensive guidelines on necessary preparations, a list of items to bring, and relevant logistical details to ensure a seamless and fulfilling experience throughout their time at the WikiWomenCamp.

See you all

The WikiWomenCamp 2023 organizing team looks forward to hosting you. 

Mark your calendars, complete your scholarship applications, and get ready for an empowering adventure at the WikiWomenCamp in India this October!

For more information, reach out to us at

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